Vegetable, (Call Any?)

All is excellent! No glitch worries! 
You're the best!

Steven N.

Dweezil Happy Holidays I was wondering when are you going to release the DVD Concerts you taped of your shows? And when are you coming back to Michigan?

Bret D.

I can't wait to see what it's like in the outside now...  Perhaps Thing Fish on Broadway???

David McCain

Thanks for the update! It means even more good stuff to watch/listen to! In regards to the interview included here, I'd like to say something on the " high costs " of items from artists: I have no problem paying higher prices for items that support musicians/artists ( and that includes concert tickets ). And as I get older, I find that t-shirts ( for example ) become less important versus buying audio items, such as the F.O.H. discs Dweezil has released ( for example, Dream Theater sells previously recorded albums/live discs through their " bootleg " series--the band had shut it down a while ago but are bringing it back with newer live recordings ).


As a musician and as a fan, I'd rather have an audio document of shows I have attended versus  a shirt which will probably not last for more than a few months ( not every fan is this way though ). And, I would imagine that not every artist can sell recorded live shows because of costs of recording shows while paying the venue/union crews who require monies from artists playing at certain venues. But, being a musician allows me to get a little deeper with the music which means I'd like more exposure to the music. This is one of the very reasons I really enjoy this " Reward Music " platform. There is so much to choose from that can actually support musicians. And, I'm more than honored that I can buy/watch/listen to/subscribe from this site and get LOTS of fantastic content. So, thanks Dweezil for this platform!