Brand New Stuff For You!

Brand New Stuff For You!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all having a great Memorial Day Weekend. I've been doing some site improvements and soon I will finish uploading some new songs for all of the Silver Subscribers.

I've also got t-shirts on the way that correspond to some of the new songs that I'm adding to the subscription. For example: "Outside Now" (performed live) goes with the t-shirt options below. They will be available this week!

I've also started a new interview series with one of our community members. Shawn Ratches (Laughing Monkey Music) reached out to me about doing audio documentaries about my own albums and music. We initially did an interview that discussed a broader range of topics which you can see below.


The new series of audio documentaries will be in a similar laid-back and conversational style. Thanks to Shawn for making the suggestion and for helping to make content for the community here!

Be well, everyone! DZ

P.S. Sorry for the email notification glitch with this blog!


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Christopher Opperman

Ordered my t-shirt! Love the design! Can't wait to get it!

Christopher Opperman

lol. Can’t believe I bought my shirt the day before the sale announcement! Oh well, I’m still happy! I can’t wait to wear my new shirt outside all the time.

jeff w.

Great to be on board. I saw your dad 9 times in 70s and 80s in Boston.  Music Hall or Orpheum.  He would not play in a place that wasn't acoustically perfect.  Love to see you Dweezil. I'm in Saint petersburg Fl. I'm old now tho. Keep me posted 

Nick C.

Those shirts are great! Thanks for this cool gift to the musical community! With reward music I mean


Excellent - I look forward to an in depth discussion about your music DZ!

Tommy Quirk

I'm so far behind with everything on the site.   Life/work has been insane for too long.    Hoping to find some time to  jump in and dig through all of the content that you've shared.

Hope you and your ladies are healthy and happy!

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