Hello Everyone,

I'm putting the finishing touches on the latest RWTD epsiode. EP 12 is a bonus episode that features Satchel from Steel Panther. In keeping with the RWTD ethos, we explore the details within Edward Van Halen's music. The episode is filled with stories of inspiration and several dollops of stupidity, all in the name of fun! Be sure to tune in so you can find out Satchel's personal nicknames for classic EVH licks as well as his ideas for what each member of Van Halen's power animal might be.

I'll be uploading the episode later this afternoon/evening PST.

Also, I'm revamping my online store this weekend and I have a lot of new music and T-shirts to unveil! It's a great time to be a Silver Subscriber!


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Jersey Frank

Man, Satchel has that early VH tone nailed! I wish we had some video of how he's getting that tone! Thanks again to D for another amazing episode!


Hi Jersey Frank,

I'll ask him what he was using. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Line 6 device. I did tweak the audio for the podcast to add eq and reverb to make it sound closer to Van Halen 1. That was part of it as well.

horst b.

Oh lordy the Dweezil Never Stops! Love and Peace from South Africa.

John F.

Dweezil Zappa "FOH"  13. "Yo Mamma" is cut. Please re-upload. Thanks.


Yes, it cuts out at 9:26 in the middle of the guitar solo. Please post the complete track. Thank you.


Thanks guys! I'm going to do some work to my site this weekend. I'll definitely fix that track!

Matt Picone

This one should be fun!


2 hours of guitar inspired madness!