(Pictured in the photo above - the 1975 Ibanez Destroyer used by EVH for tracks on VH 1 and Women And Children First. It visited my studio for a day and it sounded killer!)

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow at noon PST I'll be going live on for the very first RWTD listening party!

I have no idea how many of you will be able to join me but I have tried to schedule the event at a time that would make it possible for people in multiple time zones to have the opportunity to chime in.

With that in mind, these listening parties are designed to interact and answer your questions. Please submit your questions in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer all of them during our live listening party.


The listening parties are exclusive to the RWTD bundles. If you have purchased any of the bundles you will be able to access the live streaming content as well as the post event archived streams.

All RWTD bundle owners may use this link to access the content: RWTD Listening Party # 1

See you tomorrow at noon PST!

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Lee R.

Hey Dweez ever gonna release more of these? We're in Chinese Democracy territory 


Hi Lee,

I know! it's been a long time and I apologize. The latest episode has some technical problems that will be apparent when you hear the episode. I'm working on resolving those problems but there's also been another thing that has caused a traffic jam that ultimately will be to everyone's delight - when the announcement comes, all of the RWTD podcast friends will be excited. With that said, I'm shooting for a Thanksgiving release of the Joe Satriani episode.

Best, DZ

Jersey Frank

I thought the Destroyer that he used on Women and Children First was the one he cut up and made into the shark? 

Robert B.

Maybe this is the one he borrowed from Chris Holmes? Or maybe he means "the model" used by Eddie.


After he cut it up, Edward didn't like the sound as much. He did borrow Chris Holmes' guitar for some recordings.

Ralph C.

I must say being able to see you on tour and making such great music really gives me and many something to look forward to.Hope to see you again soon in Boston or Hampton or Gloucester.I am gonna try and check this RWTD out.I may even buy a shirt


Glen W.

I couldn't make the party. Can I see/hear this?

David D

Hey dz...van Halen is great...but I would like to ask you plenty of questions about your that possible?...hope you’re doing well...dd

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