Where is Tommy Mars??

Sam D.

Hey Dweezil, im humbled and honored to chat with you here.  Your shows have been the highlight of each year ever since you have been doing them and I cant thank you enough for all of your efforts.  Its always amazing to see Zappa alumni at your shows, and I want to ask that you consider bringing Tommy Mars into your band.  I have been studying piano with him for the past few years and I can tell you that he has an encyclopedic knowledge and connection to Frank's music.  His technique and grasp of Frank's theory is vast and unique in that he comes from such a rigorous classical background and has an intimate connection with Frank's music, arrangement style, harmonic style and so many stories about who Frank was and how he created his music.  Through conversations with Tommy I can tell you that he really honors what you have done to carry Frank's music into the present and future.  I am telling you, as a huge fan of You and Frank, that Tommy is an untapped well of talent and inspiration.  I am sure he would bring so much to Zappa plays Zappa.  I respectfully ask that you consider getting in touch with him, and hopefully including him in your next tour.  Once again, thanks for everything you have done.  Music is the best!!!

Denis M.

Sam, thanks for your positive words. I am wondering how's Tommy doing in 2023..

Sonny B.

I totally agree with sam

Max B.

knowing the theory perfectly doesn't mean anything yet, but I think he could try

Grotchy Brax

I agree with Sam, Tommy is an incredible musician, one of those feeling deeply Frank's music, that would be amazing to see him on stage, with you or not, but with you should remains me so much memories ... 

Diana G.

Tommy Mars (Mariano) was born in Waterbury, CT, started playing piano in his youth, and graduated from the Hartt School of Music in 1974.



About five+ years ago,  Tommy was in Robbie Kriegers band with Arthur Barrow. They covered Cosmic Debris and Chungas Revenge. Doors tunes were played along with Robbie's new jazz pieces. I saw the band perform at the 2016? Namm show in Anaheim CA. Tommy didn't play that night. I have not heard anything about him since.

Sam D.

I assure you he is still as incredible as ever


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the kind words. Tommy is an incredible musician. I have not seen him in years. I hope he's doing well. I don't have any current touring plans but hopefully I'll be able to make some for 2022.

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