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Thanks Dweezil for providing this. I hope it’s ok that I am posting here. I realize how difficult it is to tour these days.  2024 is an election year. League of women’s voters registered young voters on Frank’s 84 tour. Just another anniversary to consider. 

Myles Matisse

It's sad how expensive things have gotten post Covid. It's almost like many businesses like tour bus companies have increased their prices to play catch up with all the money that lost firing the ridiculously long shut down in 2020/21.

My suggestion for touring is this...Do an annual residency either in Los Angeles OR Las Vegas. Have everyone come to you Dweezil which will cut down on touring costs. Just a thought.

Myles Matisse

During NOT firing. LOL

Donny X

Greg V - Please make sure you understand economics before making an uninformed statement like yours. Thanks to Steve K for his informed comments.

Javier S.

Hi Dweezil, I never ever saw or heard a musician talk so sincerely about the finnancial risks of touring. That is a new perspective for fans to value the price of your ticket. Anyway, I hope you can overcome difficulties and start playing live again. And don’t forget Europe, I mean the south of EU, I mean my beatiful hometown Barcelona. Take care. 
Music is the best.

Steve Kusaba

That's a shame. These moron politicians are going to increase the pace and scope of inflation so everything is going to get worse.

Switching some of a persons cash into bullion is usually a good thing for longer term survival.

What does a tour bus cost? Could you buy one and then rent it out to others when you aren't using it yourself? I don't know much about this stuff so those just some ruminations.

i hope things work out.

Greg V.

It's not that "moron politicians" are driving inflation; the so called "moron politicians" on the Democratic side have done a great job of reducing it, and the easy, lazy minded reliability of blaming the politicians for things they have no control over is just wrong. As a matter of fact, the inflation that we've been experiencing is global and less of a problem in the US than any other advanced nation, thanks to the leadership of the Democratic government.


I just had an encounter with a genius right wing hater attacking Biden (not a fan, but I stick to disliking harm he causes, not pretending he has the power to set interest rates, which is the job of the Fed that happens to be controlled by a republican right now and that Republican kept raising interest rates every time the jobs numbers were far better than they had hoped for). Republicans are most angry when the Democrats succeed in helping the country. The economy must not be allowed to do well under Democratic rule, because attacking the economy when democrats are in power and blaming it on them


Actually, Joe Biden used the national reserve to ease oil prices considerably when they were at their punitive highest, and that is the president's only way of impacting oil prices. Naturally Republicans were livid and attacked him, while defending their beloved oil industry bribers, blaming their greed on Biden, buying into the ridiculous notion that corporate greed wasn't a thing until Biden awakened it by acknowledging climate change and their decisive contribution to it. Instead of blaming the criminals for the crime, Republicans would rather blame anyone who calls them out because then all of their bad actions are the responsibility of that person, not the oil companies themselves. 


 Ask yourself why the Republicans get so angry when the economy is going well under Democrats? Then try learning a little bit of history and you'll find that 10 out of 10 of the last 10 recessions the US experienced were brought on by Republican policies; they typically run up our national debt and then scream about it and blame it on Democrats as soon as they're out of power; It's easy in a country full of people who don't pay much attention to what's happening.


They were livid that Biden used the national reserves for easing oil prices p during a crisis, using it properly when it was needed exactly as it was intended. Republicans were having.such a good time whining about it too! Anything that's spoils a chance to bitterly complain that the Democrats are destroying the nation when the Republicans are out of power is treated as an act of war, as is pretty much anything the Democrats do, especially if it helps the citizens. 

Maybe you should try educating yourself so it's not unintended projection when you point to a vaguely defined target like " those moron politicians". The only politician that had much to do with inflation was the fed, run by a Republican trying to tank the economy in preparation for ousting the party in power. The fact that they don't mind using the economy as a cudgel to beat American citizens badly enough to use their rage to turn the tables come election time ought to outrage every right winger but unfortunately they're too stupid to identify who is doing what to them.




Steve Kusaba

For some reason, Greg's message doesn't allow responses. It is too bad because it explains why we have terrible inflation and how many in the public simply don't understand economics or how our system works. Inflation is the government increasing the money supply. This is what leads to high prices. The politicians use money printing (counterfeiting) to fund their boondoggles, wrap arounds, thefts and scumroddery. It is a hidden tax. Much of the public being ignorant of the process is why it works for them and they like it so much.

This is why Frank  was such an amazing personality. Not only did he master composition at a high level but he had a healthy and logical hatred of the 2 parties.

In Argentina, where their politicians have a long record of destroying the currency of the public, the people there are possibly electing someone who is going to attempt to unwind the kleptocracy and actually help the average citizen.

mark w.

No one wants you to lose money to tour, but man, do we miss it.  Saw my first ZPZ show in Berkeley in 07 and never missed an opportunity after that.  Flew to SF one time just to take my son and then saw the same show two nights later in San Diego.  There are many of us like this and we will pay more to keep your dad’s music alive and live.  Sure hope something can be worked out before I leave this planet and before the 50th anniversary of Joe’s Garage rolls around.  That WILL be epic.  My best to you and your family.

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