Throwback Playing "Rat Tomago" with Dweezil and the Band 2012!

In 2012 I had the huge honor of playing Frank Zappa’s “Rat Tomago” note for note with Dweezil and the band. These guys were such fun to play with. At 18 and having studied this piece for a long time, every single note, it was such a good time to play it with these dudes. I'm still playing and creating music, thanks Dweezil! 

Steve B.

Ok, he's my son, but this was spectacular.  Max had learned "Rat Tomago" at my request (it's my favorite FZ solo).  After uploading his first cover to Dweezil's first website at Dweezil's request, Max participated in Dweezilla in 2012.  He played Rat Tomago at the Camp with the band.  Max then played with ZPZ before a paying audience at the Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock (this clip).  He then did it again, in Tarrytown, NY.  The influence of Dweezil and Frank on Max can be seen in his solo release, "Frank Scored a Video Game."