"Yo' Mama" guitar solo by Max Boras

Per request, this is my son's cover of the solo from "Yo' Mama" from Sheik Yerbouti. There are no overdubs or punch ins. 

He'll be launching his new artist page on the Reward Music platform soon.  Thanks to Dweezil for such a great idea and all the support he's given Max through the years.

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Todd D.


Steve B.

Thank you, John - it's all Max.  All I did was provide a stack of albums and encouragement.  Several of us and Max met Dweezil after a ZPZ show in State College PA in 2011;  after I mentioned that Max could play Rat Tomago note-for-note, Dweezil asked him to upload a video to his old website.  He did so, and that started a long musical journey. 


More to come, but thank you again for your comment.  


Nice one. Keep me updated. When are you touring ? (Go for it).


Wonderful. So talented.