Kevin S.

Just stumbled upon this gem on YT.  It's Jas Obrecht's first interview with Edward in 1978, what a chance encounter...  just golden.  


That was fucking awesome!

Jacob W.

Which episode is about the brown sound reconstruction?

mark m.

Did you ever find it? I can't


Enjoyed hearing Joe discuss his life’s journey and his upcoming liquidation sale. Great gear to be had in the years ahead when he calls it quits. What a success story and on his terms, to boot. This interview was done back in 2021, correct? Anyway, a nice and different aperitif after the great PhilX episode.


Just listened to the Craig Parker Adams episode really enjoyed it, did  he say that he filmed the making of the confessions album that would be some great footage to see.

Looking forward to listening to the Phil X and Joe Bonamassa episodes

Stephen Z.

Phil X episode was absolutely killer! Man I wish there was video with some of these interviews when you guys start getting into picking intricacies and stuff.