the ^pex

Dweezil Z^pp^ has been breaking his word with his fans for years. He over-commits himself, and then makes excuses for it, when he can’t deliver.

It’s not easy being him.

I forgive him. Because, he’s Dweezil Z^pp^. ^nd, he can’t be anybody else. So, give the guy a break. He’s trying really, really, really hard to be a good Dweezil Z^pp^.



Julius Seizure

I paid over 50$ and was overpromised and underdelivered. This website is a mess. Where are all of these cool presets? 

Archon L.

Guys, it's all good. Your lives are not being made worse in any way because you didn't get a rig preset or a podcast. Who knows what Dweezil is dealing with (you may have seen the recent news about the FZ catalogue getting sold, which surely has been a distraction and given their family history, a sure source of stress), and it should be abundantly clear that he is a good dude. The stuff will come when it will come. Meanwhile, go play yer guitars and keep smiling. <goat horns>


Sorry, but this isn't how you treat paying customers. No excuse. Bad enough what was promised hasn't been delivered, but not addressing the issue is disrespectful. Period. 

David McCain

Ditto, Archon L. 


See, we are not even given a reply from DZ on these many customers comments...

That speaks volume about the whole thing, 101% uncool if you ask me.

Agree with all the comments below

Steven U.

First, let me say I am so thankful for what Dweezil has provided so far. It’s been both fascinating and healing. However, he clearly over promised and people are clearly frustrated by it. I understand life gets in the way and it is a significant project, but I think this really needs to be addressed in some way.

Regarding future episodes, in the interest of expediency perhaps consider cutting out all the post audio effects (which frankly pull the listener out of the experience) and just post them as is (EQ and editing aside).

Regarding the presets (which I’ve been dying to get from the beginning) consider providing a deadline for delivery (by the end of 2022?).

Appreciate all you’ve done, Dweezil. Hope this can be resolved.