And, it's been well documented that 'So This Is Love?' guitar solo is a composite. Not a spontaneous one-take, as it sounds. Ed said he played a bunch of takes/licks, then went + stitched together best parts = what's on LP. Well, that's what I've read anyway. :)

DAMN : the 'One Foot Out the Door' isolated track is KILLER. Love to hear it alllll .... THANK YOU, Dweezil.  XO

Dweezil Z.

It wouldn't surprise me if that was the case. It does seem like some thought went into expanding his vocabulary on that solo.


Billy!!  Best conversationalist yet.  THANK YOU. What a pleasant surprise; intelligent, sure. BUT, humble + articulate.  

Beg to differ tho. Listen to Unchained Live '81 Oakland again ... Eddie actually comes in TOO EARLY with the verse riff. Dave isn't late at all. ... Count it .... See?  :)

I always noted that, from first viewing in 1981. 'he fucked up!!??!!"  


- E.

Dweezil Z.

I did double-check it after the episode and I concur. Dave was on point and Ed was a bit early. It's cool how he caught it though, it makes that version unique!

Michael M.

Loved the confused faces for a second after Ed comes in early!


Doug N.

Hi Dweezil, GREAT idea with this podcast.  One quick question, do you think you’ll issue the Axe FX presets after Cygnus is released?

Tim W.

Dweezil, is it possible for you to have these comments threaded so we can respond to a response? Thanks for your response, BTW. The combination of a thin pick, thin strings, and low action are all very interesting to me. Great insights.

On a somewhat related note, how much music theory do you think Ed actually knew? Could he read staff notation? One of the hallmarks of Ed's soloing is his use of the so-called "symmetrical scales," which aren't strictly aligned to the diatonic modes. He employed a lot of pentatonic minor, lots of chromaticism, and the symmetrical scales. It's just so darned UNIQUE. For this reason I find Ed's soloing to be related to Allan Holdsworth's. Both men forged their own relationship with their instruments and approach to guitar music. 

This community you're creating is the perfect place for a guitar geek like me. You and I are the same age, so I especially relate to your stories. That is, all except for Ed playing "Running With the Devil" from over my shoulders. :) Thanks, Tim 

Dweezil Z.

Hi Tim,

I'll see if we can improve commenting thread for responses. Glad you're enjoying the series and community.

I think your assessment of Ed's playing style is spot on. I don't know how well he could read music. I imagine that he could read but that he didn't really focus on it enough to rely on it as a useful tool.

He wasn't afraid to stray from a diatonic form. Those idiosyncrasies are precisely what made his playing unique melodically. His rhythm is what made it all stick in our heads!

I'm not a theory expert but I know much more now than I did when I started playing. In the early days, I listened to the things Ed played and I thought, "I didn't know you could do that, or that's a new combination of things that I'll need to try." He opened a lot of doors to composing, arranging, and of course, playing.

Stephen M.

Could you get Michael, Alex, or Dave to do an episode?

Dweezil Z.

Hi Stephen,

I would be great if we could. Who knows, maybe it will happen.