Brad C.

Great episode! Love hearing CPA tell his VH stories with such passion and reverence. His love is on display for the entire episode. Like many of us, listening to VH starts with the ears and ends in our hearts. I’ve said it many times…this podcast is a wonderful way to remember EVH now that he is gone. Great job DZ…looking forward to the next one.

Jeff 5150

Oh my that was such an amazing episode. I didn’t want it to end. Craig is so interesting and also one hell of a guitarist  Amazing content throughout from both of you and such great stories from Craig. I found his demos album on ITunes and picked it up right away and going to his website to get the new album. Thank you soooo much Dweezil for doing all these episodes and making Ed Heads all the world feel so wonderful.  -Jeff 

David McCain

AWESOME! New episode. Thanks Dweezil! 

Michael A.

No matter what anyone says, I love you Dweezil. Thank you for these interviews, each one is an awesome gift, whenever it shows up!


We are getting to the point IF they show up, not when... 


I know how disappointing the wait times are. I've honestly been doing my best to get the rest of the episodes finished. With everything that is going on it has been very challenging. I certainly haven't forgotten about all of you who have supported the podcast. I have just finished the latest episode with Craig Parker Adams and I hope you will enjoy the little musical surprises.

BTW, I'm working my way through the guitar presets as well. I'm hoping to make everyone's holiday season a little brighter with some reverb on the right side.

the ^pex

@Dweezil, is there a possibility of you making profiles for Amplitube Tonex also? 


Miles L.

I'd like that but we're probably better off asking someone here to profile the fractal patches.