Well, while I think it was a good thing that Dweezil finally answers the many comments over here, his email brings nothing new, and I'm sorry but still isn't answering specifics questions like:

1) Fractal presets??

2) Reverse engineering brown sound episodes??

3) Futur episodes?? approx ETA??

This reminds me the techniques of politicians, when you ask a specific question, and their answer is so long, that you don't even remember what you asked, and you're left with your question unanswered...

Oh well, at this point, and as much as I love the content he released and the promise of all these wonderful things, this is not happening. 

I give up :-)

Maybe in the next 2 years, I'll be surprised by a Newsletter announcing the above!! who knows!!


Hi Freak6767 -- To tide you over, do check out the most recent Fractal Factory Axe-Fx  III/FM9/FM3 Presets "Eruption" and "The Brown Sound" until Dweezil can get to creating some for us (and that will survive the fast firmware updates of the past 6 months).  I find theFactory presets still pretty good surrogates -- maybe a just dial the wet back a little for delay and reverb, and they are pretty killer and fun to play.

Thunder Muscle

Big D. Thanks for the update.  The "Running with the Dweezil" episodes have been great, and I am certain the remaining episodes will continue with the same content quality level - if not better.   

If it was easy everyone would be doing it - even the complainers here (probably because their mom kicked them out of her basement). 

Thomas E.

Dweezil, thanks so much for the update.  I have enjoyed every episode that has been released, and although I may have been frustrated by the delays, I continue to await further content.  
We know shit happens, and life gets in the way.  

Besides as a 50+ year old, life long fan of all things Van Halen, I’m used to long waits between updates/new products.  LOL


Wow-I paid $3. per episode for stuff I would have given my left nut for when I was 10.

Epic content !

If I never hear another second of interviews, what I have heard confirmed the genius of Ed

Thank you Dweezil!!



Hello Everyone,

It is true that I have not been here on the site for a while. I understand how frustrating it is to feel disconnected and unable to have answers to your questions. Within the RWTD community there has been a healthy debate about the status of the podcast and people have voiced their concerns about the podcast being over promised and under delivered.I think that is a fair representation of the situation to a point. I definitely agree that Season 2 has been under delivered in terms of episode frequency and timeliness. That has been the most challenging part of this endeavor because of extenuating circumstances. On the other side of the coin, I do believe that that the episode content has been and will continue to be worthy of the described premise of the show.

I have just written a blog and email to all of the RWTD group which will hopefully answer your questions. I know that there are people in this group who are beyond disappointed with the delays and as I have mentioned I agree that there is validity to that frustration. The episodes have been taking way too long to complete. It's not because I've forgotten about any of you or that there is a commitment to creating the content. Please have a look at the blog or the email you will receive for further understanding of the circumstances that have caused the delays.


the ^pex


Joshua C.

Hey Dweezil, im not seeing an email. Have you sent it yet? And i understand life is busy. Curious what the ETA of the Balance episode is? Thanks and love the podcast!

Matthew R.

You rock Dweezil!  Thanks for everything--looking forward for what's to come! Until then we have all of your fantastic episodes and plenty of the epic music that VH has bestowed upon us over the decades.