Nuno C.

Hi DZ! Any estimate when the Line 6 Helix Van Halen presets will become available for us subscribers?

David M.

Amazing Pod cast tons of info super love the deep dive thanks Allen and Dweeze!


Just letting Dweez and everyone know, really great interview with the one and only Don Landee in the new issue of TapeOp Magazine! Hoping Dweezil can get him on here one day, that is the dream episode!

David McCain

Hey gang! Happy October! Finally got caught up on the recent episode with Allen. Superb! Thanks to Allen for the info on Edward. Stuff like this makes me happy ( I'm a gear/technique nerd-haha! ). The cross reference between Cream and Van Halen is so under-spoken about. So, it's wonderful to hear that reference finally ( I'm still convinced that Jan-Edward's dad-had a bigger influence on Edward, in terms of time feel. Jan's slightly behind-the-beat clarinet solo on " Big Bad Bill. . ." sounds similar to the way Edward would play the blues ). Great episode. And thanks to DZ for renewing my subscription. Happy to be tagging along with this group!


Wow! This is awesome! A fantastic resource! Thanks again Allen for sharing all of your materials with us. Many practice hours ahead to look forward to!