Ken B.

Question for anyone/everyone - I'm not seeing where to access the Fractal patches, anybody know where to get them?

Gareth R.

there are none.  the way it's worded is very misleading.  Supposedly they are coming at some stage.  I would look elsewhere if you want VH Fractal presets.


Hello RWTD Friends,

The presets are indeed "tardy" as in "I don't feel tardy" because of a long list of things related to getting a studio space operational. Supply chain issues aside, the studio set up will allow me to do things I could not do previously. There's been a ton of time consuming research and development I've been doing along the way and it has been yielding valuable results in terms of recreating the sounds and making specific IRs from my own special cabinets.

Even though the wait has been very long and frustrating for all in involved I'm still excited to complete the mission for all of you.  There's a great deal of discussion to have about recreating the layers of detail in the sounds.

Waiting for long periods of time for exciting things is never on the top of anyone's list of fun things to do. I'm sorry for the wait but the hard work will finally pay off this year. DZ

Buddy Seamus

Hey Ken, do a search for IR within the site. You will find some Fractal Speaker IRs that Dweezil gifted us over one of the holidays. He hasn’t done any VH ones yet but these look cool (not VH related though).


Don't hold your breath. I have a feeling we are not going to get what we paid for... And if Episode 18 is what we should expect going forward maybe it's a good thing.  I wondered if things would change as COVID become less and less an issue.  Sad...

Brent C.

Happy birthday Dweezil

David McCain

Happy Birthday to Dweezil today! 


Blues and Dweezil mentioned genetics regarding Wolfgang's playing of Eruption during the WACF episode.


Jump over to and check Wolfgang banging out On Fire and Hot For Teacher for the Taylor Hawkins tribute. Genetics... smh

Kenny L.

I've listened to the Blues Saraceno & James Santiago episode.

It's one thing to criticize an album.
It's another one to do it "in style"...

I don't think EVH deserved that kind of treatment.

Hugh Jass

Oh my God, They Killed Kenny!

Gareth R.

They were shitting on the album, bit stupid to have them on to talk about an album they obviously don't like and then upload it as part of a series for VH fans....


This was tossed out simply to check a box. I am not a big fan of the album, but it was a bit much.