Mark Guerra

been buying early years ala carte but I am sold and just bought Right Here Right Now , I fucking love it , the music, the insight, and the DWEEZ!!!


Just brought the “Right here right now package ‘  can’t wait for it to be released. 

Tyler K.

Just curious are you doing all the album's in order or is the 2 different eras going up side by side


Hi Tyler,

We are in production on episodes that span the VH catalog. The later year episodes aren't completed yet. I spoke with Joe Satriani last week about the F.U.C.K. album and haven't started editing it yet.

So the short answer is, yes we are releasing episodes in the order tin which the albums were released. If and when we can make some good progress on multiple episodes at once, then we will be able to consider adding episodes tot he Right Here, Right Now bundle.

Hope that helps.

Happy Holidays! DZ

David McCain

I'm aiming toward the whole enchilada, myself. Looks like a killer package. 


The whole thing is months in the making and we are working hard to make it special for everyone.


Great stuff! Would be nice to see the two of you on stage sharing licks! Again!