RWTD Ep -17 Andy Wood Balance and Ep-18 Blues Saraceno + James Santiago VH III are both available now. I'm working on the next episode this week.

Tim O.

Hey Dweezil,  Thanks for the e-mailed update.  Stuff happens, and I assure you, the content and conversation are so good that the frustration of the wait is out of being super excited for the next episodes.  We have so much already.

Keep plugging away.  Cheers


I'm calling this second half a bust. Refund?

Tim O.

Hello Dweezil,

Any new episodes coming soon?



Matt Blatchley

ok..I turned 21 during this album's (F.U.C.K.) run...saw them twice in concert that year...needless to say this is very evocative of a lot of good times and memories...