William W.

I started playing guitar shortly maybe a year before this album came out andI remember asking my guitar teacher to show me how to play Let's Talk About It after I bought this album on vinyl. I have always loved that Green Charvel. I can't wait to see it on the Reverb auction tomorrow!

Anthony J.

very excited when this whole record gets loaded up!!

William W.

I have this album on vinyl. It's  still in great shape, but I would really love to have this in my digital library. Would you consider uploading the entire album?

Roy M.

Dweezil was younger than Shuggie Otis when Shuggie put his first album out....both great debuts....


By 1986 I was 10yrs deep into FZ. So when DZ dropped this, I bought, and still have, the cassette. I don't dare play it. I would love to replace it in its entirety.