Tim Wagner

I love the video where Dweezil ripped the solo just standing there like it was nothing in the time when all the guitarists where making as many faces as possible.

Tim Wagner

I remember when I first got this cassette. Loved it. Still do.

Myles Matisse

I still have the cassette. My favorite on the album is Let's Talk About It. I love Moon's vocal on it and really dig the guitar riff throughout as well as the great solo. So so great!! The entire album is really good.


I had the cassette when it came out. I was 19 and how time has flown by. Looking forward to all of it being digital! Humorous video I remember... 

Barney F.

I knew Dweez you were bound to to be a really really good musician  when I bought this vinyl for my son. Oh I kept it lol