• Dog Breath Variations

    Dog Breath Variations

    Dweezil - I conduct a youth music ensemble in North Carolina.  Great kids.  Over 90 participants from 20 schools lasy year.  We want to perform "Dog Breath Variations" as performed by the U. of Calgary Wind Ensemble in 1999...Read more
  • Let people know about Frank!

    Let people know about Frank!

    syll haring heeft dit oorspronkelijk gedeeld: So glad I can ,beginning when I was 14,,.I can hear him and love his music (also every musician over the years playing in his bands ) and beyond loving ,cherish him .Such a...Read more
  • Pier Paolo  F.
  • Ichigo Samuru

    Support for Dweezil Zappa

    Dweezil Zappa is the only one that can make us see the live music of the beautiful way of father, intelligent, powerful. It is unfortunate that some of the money to oppose raions. We must support Dweezil for it to continue to...Read more
  • Freaking Out Mars: Back to the Beginning

    Freaking Out Mars: Back to the Beginning

    Ever wonder where it all began for Dweezil Zappa and I? Sometimes I have to go back to the beginning myself to see just how far we have all come in the last 8 years or so. 
    Why did I dig out this particular blog? Because this is where it started, at The Wellmont Theater all those years ago while I was just recovering from my ACL replacement surgery. ( In fact it was only a few days after the surgery, I was still on some fairly strong pain medication and I may have allegedly consumed a special cookie unbeknownst to me. I wasn't told it was a special cookie until it was all gone. Trust me I will never hear T'Mershi Duween the same again) 
    But I digress... 

    ...Read more
  • Dave D.

    Thank You

    Love the new music !!! Thank you for your efforts and sorry for any resistance from the Central Scrutinizer . Peace...Read more
  • Dallton S.

    Mind Control

    Hi everyone, I would like to share some of my music here with you all. Thanks and hope you enjoy.   Mind Control   Dallton Santos guitar Felipe Andreoli bass Bruno Valverde...Read more
  • Dweezil


    Hello Everyone,Today was another one of those days WTF kind of...Read more


    Hello Everyone, Tomorrow is day one of DZPFZ rehearsal! It's the first time we are playing under our new name and the band will be slightly different this time around as well. I've added an additional female vocalist named...Read more
  • Eat That Question

    Eat That Question

    Sony Pictures Classics Presents EAT THAT QUESTION: Frank Zappa In His Own Words, a Film By Thorsten Schütte.  Opening At The Film Forum In NYC & NuArt In Los Angeles June 24th, 2016 and Then Around The Country.  Watch the film trailer here.

    ...Read more