Pay for subscriptions article

I know this is not directly related to Dweezil's site. But, I thought this was a well written piece on the future of subscription based services. I guess my main reason for putting this here is to convince others/new subscribes to abandon social platforms and move on to more pay-for-play groups ( such as Reward Music and even Patreon ). Interestingly enough, I've reduced my own social media experiences and, as a result, enjoyed more music oriented services such as True Fire and DZ's site, where I don't have to worry about negativity while focusing on more positive enriching musical experiences. Hopefully, more power players can be aware of more enriching internet aesthetics. I guess we'll soon see;

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You say it with such gentle dignity, David. I salute you. and I say, Hear his Words!. In my former careers in the public and private sector I always found shame in the form of righteous indignation, scatters the cockroaches with a spotlight. FZ really addressed this well in the story of where Studebaker Hawk was born. As a young man, it really made me think, and it caused me to make a "campfire" version of Peaches en Regalia, working up a simple, two line, lyric, to avoid interfering with PeR's instrumentality, I think y'allsome Frankie fans will know where it goes, at the climactic end, leading back to the head on the last chorus of the La-Laaaa La-Lah, the lyric goes as follows:
Down by the Ri-bahhhh
Neil Young was why-ning.

then that last great arpeggio ascends to that heavenly plateau, that musical mesa in the sky, and the 2nd line which is exactly this:
And Eddie Vedder

I think it asks a lot of questions like, why aren't all those guys on RewardMusic? I mean, really, man.

Anyway good job David McCain. thx