Jeff C.

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to further episodes!

Caleb R.

Really enjoyed the RWTD Episode’s so far and can’t wait to hear Balance and the rest. 5150 onwards are my favourite EVH tones. Ed’s WDW setup sounds lushly massive! No worries about the delays and glad you’re doing this series. I’ve wanted to hear a track by track analysis for years.

You never have to apologize to me for anything ever, man. I'm trying to get moved, retired just a few weeks ago, and look forward to getting back to my site which is way worse than yours!  Deadlines are a best guess anyway, and it's just a target.  I'll be you haven't missed many or any shows in your life. We all want you to be happy and try to have some fun.  Your production output is well above nominal, sport! Would I lie to you? I saw your dad introduce a guy named Vai, "on guitar and blue hair", when he had the legendary old sandwich tone. That's like shaking Sinatra's hand. let's hear it for yet another great Italian, Dweezil Zappa, ladies and gentlemen!  

shawn o.

All good…I’d rather have high quality content (which it has been) than have it rushed.  Good luck with everything, looking forward to the future episodes! 

Archon L.

Hi Dweezil, please ignore the crybabies on here and keep on keeping on.