New Menu items

Hi Dweezil & Company,

Because I am working on becoming a full time vegetarian ( it has been a challenge to quit meat while being a plasma/platelet donor who needs the iron ), would it be possible to have some folks import/upload some quick vegetarian menu items?

I know Dweezil is a cook so I would love to see his/everyone's dishes. Obviously pancakes ( from St. Alfonzo ) are a great choice! But I think it would be cool to see a menu list from other members/DZ, just to trade ideas. 

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Eric C.

Call any vegetable, and the chances are good, that the vegetable will respond to you. 


Are you avoiding eggs and cheese as well? Lots of good pasta recipes I could easily share.

David McCain

I don't eat eggs and have since reduced my cheese consumption ( shredded cheese once every two weeks in a small quesadilla ). I do eat pasta since I'm into tomato style items. Most of my menu items are self made which include broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and asparagus ( I recently tried cauliflower crust pizza ). I'm open to anything really.