Eric C.

That was a really nice tribute snd well describes how i felt about your dad in my formative years minus the VH specifics. My condolences to you on the loss of your friend and mentor. 


Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. I appreciate it. He was a mentor and a friend and I miss him already. I'm working on an in-depth podcast about the impact of Van Halen as a band. I hope to premiere it in November 2020.

roy l.

The words you speak,are as beautiful as the notes you play!! Good people talking about good people

Michael Doherty

This is a beautiful tribute. Thank you Dweezil Zappa. 

Daryl C.

Eddie was a true original. I remember first hearing/seeing them on MTV back when it was still Music Television, instead of the home for all bad reality TV shows that it is now. I then got a cassette copy of VH1 and proceeded to wear it out from listening to it every day. And it still holds up today. He's probably up there jamming with Hendrix and maybe sitting in with Holdsworth now.