Team Dweezil

Team Dweezil

The night I ran into Moon Unit Zappa at a venue where she was a guest at UNCABARET, a stand up/improv show. At a later date I wore the shirt at Baked Potato to see The Zappa Band led by drummer Joe Travers. Afterwards, my girlfriend asked if she could take a picture of him and I, to which Joe replied angrily after seeing my shirt, "Not with THAT shirt on." He walked away. I asked him what the problem was and he wouldn't really elaborate other than being unfriendly with me. I went into the restroom and turned the shirt inside out and put it back on. Upon exiting, a Baked Potato staff member noticed and commented, "Smart move." Joe played with Frank, on Dweezil and Z's albums and because of that lineage is in charge of Frank Zappa's vault when Dweezil should be. If it weren't for The Zappa's giving Joe his opportunity beginning with Frank, he would never have had the career he's had. I doubt Frank would appreciate Joe dissing Dweezil. Such a shame.

Emergency Man

Fuck Joe...Dweezil and Moon are great hardworking children keeping Frank's Legacy alive. 

Eric C.

Joe has been called the great divider by Dr.Dot.  Clearly she knows what she is talking about. He is a disloyal opportunist. I am on team dweezil-moon  too. 


Not sure I understand how JT can break up a band. I think each musician can make their own choice(most times) of who they want to tour with.

I'll support all Zappa music cause it's the best!

Eric C.

Sorry dave. I meant the family not the band


Sorry, my bad.

Frank R.

Dr. 'On the bus'? 
It should be obvious what side Dr.Bi-got takes and why


Roy M.

Dweezil and Moon are wonderful people...I can just tell...

Dennis F.

Sucks, man. Why do ppl have to be assholes. 

Lesa M.

Sorry about your surprisingly unpleasant encounter w/JT… over a shirt. I’ve met him a couple times at The Baked Potato when seeing The Zappa Band and he was real friendly. Obviously, I fully support Dweezil’s right to perform his father’s music (and his own material). He and the other musicians did an incredible job and worked hard for years when touring. Wish they could afford to get back out on the road.

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