Jimmer & Ayla!

3/4's of a year AFTER the Gig Dweezil did, WHEN IT WAS AGAIN LEANING TOWARDS COLD AIR TIME AT JAY PEAK, HERE'S AYLA, (MY DAUGHTER, AND I) This is HIKING FAR ABOVE WHERE Dweezil and his band PERFORMED SO ELEGANTLY in VERY cold conditions about this same time a year earlier! THEN SHE ABDUCTED ME TO DRIVE VEHICLES BORROWED FROM HER BESTEST PAL and a rental! I ate a store bought cinnamon bun that morning, climbed a mountain, got back down, snacked on a cliff bar, and was told we were headed to the rental car place at the airport 1.5 hrs south. Bummer. I wasn't informed of this previous to leaving home! Then 3 hours into N. Hampshire to return the car as stop 1 was picking up a rental car at the airport! (is this considered abduction?) I had no previous knowledge we were doing this trip!
It was like 5 or 6 hours of total driving time, or more... Ughhh I took 2 or 3 puffs of a joint that night at this strange airport location where her pal was living,.. I had rarely had any cannabis or alcohol for nearly 20 years! And WHOA! I thought it was my last day on earth! Scary as hell! Everyone else was just fine... SO glad I didn't have to drive again! Thankfully I was fine next morning...

Be well my incredible humans!

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