103120, 18X24, 2020

103120, 18X24, 2020

This year on Halloween I documented one of my new silk screen prints! I screen printed this poster by hand for a class passion project. With this work I wanted to honor one of my heroes from St. Louis, Ike Willis! I believe it is important to celebrate and recognize the artists from your hometown. To create my design, I photographed Chuck Berry's Walk Of Fame Star and remixed it to be about Ike Willis. It would be a dream come true to help Willis get his own St. Louis Walk Of Fame Star. Until that day comes, I hope my poster will help Willis feel love and support from his fans in St. Louis! 

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Uncle Remus

How cam we get those posters??


Feel free to send  a T-shirt to each and everyone of us Zappa freaks. Nice work.

Michael Doherty

Thank you John!