London Music Hall - September 21st, 2019

London Music Hall - September 21st, 2019

London Music Hall - September 21st, 2019

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My last live show ..... :( .... visit to the LondonMusic Hall of Frame.... HOT RATS .... followed by fabulous after party .... I miss live shows ! 

Adrian B.


I was lucky enough to see Dweezil and his exceptional band. 2nd time, 1st in Brighton 2 years before I think, What a gig (s) !! As always, they put on a show that surely would make Frank very proud....'That's ma boy'. May the universe be kind to you all and you Dweezil and one of your band members generosity of spirit, after just having played a very demanding set to have a meet and greet, just shows you are a such a genuine guy who cares about his audience. One of the best guitar players around (not to mention band leader to get such great players in their own right together) but 'not up yourself' distancing yourself from the great unwashed, as many less talented act!! Keep on playing what the F##k you want. The same attidude, I am sure Frank would have taken, in fact did!!!  Watch out for those Zomby Woofs!!


jason s.

Was great night

peter G.

I went this show, good beer, good atmosphere and had Doc Martin. 

Kate B. aka floss

I wondered how you managed to sneak over here last week!  The title of the album says 2020, not 2019.  I was gutted to have missed you .... for a moment .... and then remembered the world's gone mad and it was just a mistake   

BTW - some of the photo albums are not opening for me - just the rest of the page - comments box (which won't send a comment) and the suggested albums, but the photos themselves don't appear.

Tommy Quirk

Ha!   I corrected the "year" as soon as I saw it.  Would have been great if it was 2020   ;)


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