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DZW Photo Album

There's a lot of photographers here and probably a lot of us who just love to capture our world ... 

here you can show off your work

Keep the description to a minimum and please comment on your favourite pics

Hopefully your work can put a smile on someones face!



I recently seen the amazing Steve Hackett and then the amazing Genesis.

So glad I witnessed such an event.


Jeezus, having a poo, peeing, chewing gremlin has been hard work.
Here's Mr Zip (aged 11) and Eddie VH being lively after 11pm



Just got myself a new pooch. A border terrier now named "Eddie VH". 

the apex

I caught a group of bald eagles on video flying over my home a month ago. This is a still from that. 


Today I became a Mammy Nun.

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