Doug J.

Can someone point me in the direction of getting permission to re-record and perform a specific song in the catalog? I'm happy to pay for these rights. Thank you.

Matthew P.

If the song is registered released and distributed, you don’t need to ask. You just need to dig up the rights holders and inform your distributor when you set up your track for distribution. If you produce CD’s or any other kind of physical media, the mechanical fees will be calculated as part of the production run.

nachma t.

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Ethel C.

Before we begin, you must have a basic geometry dash lite understanding of how copyright and royalties are divided. And some essential terms you must comprehend. Typically, a remixer will not possess any intellectual property. Not published and not the original. Typically, a buyout is the simplest option.

Fliixa D.

The process of obtaining a mechanical license can vary depending on the country and the specific copyright laws in place.

jennifer b.

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wucker r.

Why not approach someone who can provide you permission? I believe everything will improve.   

Izaiah	 A.

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Firol C.

I am also interested.

Emma O.

Yes, obtaining permission to re-record and perform a specific song involves obtaining a mechanical license from the copyright owner of the song. The mechanical license allows you to reproduce and distribute a song in a physical or digital format.

linda l.

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Kashi o.

I have the same idea to Keiji J

Keiji J.

Why don't you ask some one who can have permission? I think everything will be better.

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