Doug J.

Can someone point me in the direction of getting permission to re-record and perform a specific song in the catalog? I'm happy to pay for these rights. Thank you.

james a.

A synchronization license grants you the right to use the copyrighted song in synchronization with visual media, such as in a Mini Crossword film, TV show, or online video. If you plan to perform the song in a video or audio-visual project, you will likely need to obtain a synchronization license.

wucker r.

Why not approach someone who can provide you permission? I believe everything will improve.   

Izaiah	 A.

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Firol C.

I am also interested.

Emma B.

To obtain a mechanical license, Pizza Tower you can either contact the publisher of the song directly or use a music licensing company to handle the process for you.

Emma O.

Yes, obtaining permission to re-record and perform a specific song involves obtaining a mechanical license from the copyright owner of the song. The mechanical license allows you to reproduce and distribute a song in a physical or digital format.

linda l.

I am so impressed with the depth of knowledge and understanding in this subway surfers article.

Kashi o.

I have the same idea to Keiji J

Keiji J.

Why don't you ask some one who can have permission? I think everything will be better.

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