Thelonius Monk

Thelonius Monk

Was it thelonius monk who was complimented on solo and then replied “you should have heard what I was trying to play!” ?? Somehow I think most musicians can relate.

Lily S.

Great topic 

Charles T.

Yes, that quote is often attributed to Thelonious Monk, reflecting his deep introspection and the vast creative landscape inside his mind. It truly resonates with many musicians who often feel that what they express outwardly is just a fraction of the music and ideas swirling within them. As you rightly mentioned, many can relate to that sentiment – the perpetual pursuit of translating internal musical visions into reality. Monk's innovative approach and unique style have left an indelible mark on jazz, and his words continue to inspire and resonate with musicians everywhere.

Ronda C.

Great topic for me.

Priscilla F.

Yes, you're right.

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