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robert f.

I sought out this site because I wanted to stay abreast of Dweezil's tour schedule. Dont see one 


Eric C.

Happy Thanksgiving Dweezil. Thanks for the tunes!

Steven R.

If you need a fix, check out the 2015 House of Blues video in Texas on YouTube. 

Steve s.

Thanks Steven!! 


from Greece more than a 2000 members+friends of FRANK ZAPPA FUN CLUB GREECE wait for a new tour from you Dweezil ( last was 2006) Athens.     @frankzappafanclubgreece3204  you tube.  at this blog you can find also the events and more info about this club.Thank you Nick Agortsas,founder.


Obviously, I am disappointed that there will be no tour coming in 2023 -- however, when Dweezil set out on this enterprise way back in 2007 ( and I was there at the start and all the way through) his goal was to bring his father's music to a new generation -- and to make people aware of the genius of Frank Zappa and his music.  He has more than accomplished that goal.  When one looks all over the world there are credible bands playing Frank's music with integrity -- many made up of musicians who were not even alive when Frank was touring.  Granted none have come close to the precision with which Dweezil approached the music -- but Zappa music is as known today as during Frank's day -- and in many cases, even more so -- and by a younger and more diverse audience (that means you ladies). Clearly during the past 3 years (the last DZ show was March 12 in Tarrytown, and yes, I was there), Dweezil has been consumed with other projects: his studio, the EVH series, new music, finishing older projects...  I am sure that Dweezil has more in store for us down the road.  Maybe at some point he might return to the road with more of FZ's music, and when he does, I will be there in support.  But I know that Dweezil has much more in him than FZ's music and I look forward to that journey as well.  I am forever grateful for FZ's impact on my life, and DZ made that so much more apparent to me through the ZPZ project -- I was able to relive the thrill of seeing FZ live, and listening to his music with the same excellence and urgency as when I heard each piece for the first time.  Thanks for the past -- looking forward to the future.

Gaston Gagné

Dommage j'ai un pincement au coeur!! C'est la retraite, le but est atteint, les fans comme moi avaient l'impression d'un lien qui continuait dans le tepms mais c'est la fin je pense ! 

Heiko K.

Hey Dweeze! Where is that "Tour Schedule", can't find it anywhere....?

Would be great to see you in Europe again!


Jents V.

I hope you soon will return to Gent, Belgium, where I enjoyed your performance very much!


Sven P.

Ik denk er net zo over. Hopelijk komt Dweezil snel terug om alweer een Zappa feestavond te maken. Misschien met de oude bandleden, zou top zijn.

Grtz, Sven

David D

Hey dz…great seeing you at the Jimi show in Austin…hope you enjoyed my third concert photo Book…it seems to me people are ready to see great live music…I’ve seen vai/satriani/Kenny Wayne/….and Eric Johnson two days ago…all at the house of blues and full crowds…anyway hope you’re doing well…your tennis buddy David


Bummer on the no plans for touring in 2023… :(

I got a nice little taste this weekend though seeing One Shot Deal at the Tater.  Was cool to hang with Sheila and Ben.  Always a treat to see Joe too, sounded awesome!

Keep us posted Dweezil!!  Can’t wait brother.





I attended two spud shows for OSD. Great night of Zappa music! Last time, in San Pedro, they had Mike Keneally on guitar and keys!

Gerald T.

Hello- Unfortunately a newly acquired teething puppy just got a hold of our beloved "Zombie Wolf" Tee shirt we purchased at your first concert in Philly when you just flew in from Reykjavik Iceland. We remember seeing Deva(with knitted hat) & Gail by the mixing board. Excellent concert as always & Then another great music extravaganza at the Kirby in Wilkes-Barre Pa.(Rutabaga). If you happen to have a Zombie Wolf Tee left over from first tour hiding in your basement we would happily purchase at any price.(Looked Everywhere) Doesn't hurt to ask. Thank You for your great music Automatic, via zammata, go with what you know..... & all you do to keep FZ Look Up in the Sky;) Your Friends Diane, Anya & Jerry   


Thanks for the update. I hope all is well in your world.


Please come back to Montreal   Been way too long.  Miss U.

Jim P.


and OTTAWA !

David A.

I don't think we'll ever see Dweezil tour again :( It's been way too long

Peter A.


I can understand that touring with a large group, a la Mothers of Invention scale, would be a huge burden and expensive and hard in general to do.

How about a smaller size group (band) of just a few folks (and yourself of course), in small venues ? There are many Zappa plays Zappa pieces that

only require a few talented folks. (I'm thinking of Hots Rats stuff for example), not to mention you own compositions.

Then we fans could see you more often.



Hello everyone. There are no plans for touring in 2023. Will update here on if there are any changes. Dweezil

Eric C.

Honest open question… when UMG bought out the ZFT, did that involve restricting you playing or releasing performances of Frank’s music? It’s cool if that’s what needed to happen. No judgement. I just want to know if we have ceased and desisted our incredible journey. Thanks for the memories either way dweezil! I remember Frank said his wish was after he was gone the family would sell everything and get out of the music business. 

Anthony B.

Disappointed but your happiness matters more than my wants. Stay well, fingers crossed for the future. Peace. 

Steve s.

Dweezil, live your life-be happy and fulfilled! Will be forever indebted to you and and all the fabulous musicians in this and previous incarnations of your ZPZ band!

As far as introducing Frank's musical genius to new generations of fans...Mission Accomplished Sir!

Would be so happy to see you all perform again live, but at the same time, am eternally grateful for the four times I  did see ZPZ!


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Mark S.

ncie thanks a lot 


There are two dates in 2022 posted on the net. July 2 in Italy and July 9 in Austria.


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