How about those EVH guitars

Pedro T.

Hi Dweezil, love the podcast episodes and all the stuff you’ve been doing to honor Eddie’s legacy. I know you were in 5150 with Eddie a bunch of times, assuming you played them, I was wondering if you could give us your impressions on his signature guitars, Music Man, Peavey, EVH, and how different are they from your “perfect” guitar. I was always curious but never really got to hear elite players talk about other elite players signature guitars or setups, etc. Cheers from Portugal!

Charles T.

Over the years, I've had the privilege to play Eddie's signature guitars, and each one has its unique vibe and craftsmanship. They definitely capture Eddie's essence and preferences. However, like all musicians, I have my own preferences and nuances I look for in a guitar. It's all about what feels right and inspires you. Cheers back to Portugal!

Elijah N.

I appreciate your kind words about Dweezil Zappa's podcast episodes and of his efforts to honor Eddie Van Halen's legacy.

Koni P.


Debra P.
Michael  G.

I basically love to make and present my fervor for music to other people who feel the same way. Have a decent one.


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Frances M.

Thanks for sharing, I am very impressed with your post.


Lite Blue Usps

Mueller I.

Based off what I seen they seem like solid guitars especially for someone like me who is a major EVH fan. I’m gonna head down to a store soon to try one out but I just wanted to see what y’all think about them? 



Mueller I.

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