Jacques C.

Hi Dweezil,

As per Allen’s post below, I too would love to get the Apostrophe Live Concert Film on DVD. I hope you consider making it available on DVD. If not, do you have a target release date for the download version of the concert film? i can’t wait! The sample clip of St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast is soooo good! Just listening to it brought a great big smile to my face. :o) Frank’s music always makes me happy. And your’s too BTW... Just love your Via Zammata CD. You are so much like Frank :o) Take care, stay safe and looking forward to catching you live again in Ottawa or Montreal in the coming year/years.

Allen D.

Hi Dweezil,

I'm really hoping there's enough demand for you to put out a Blu-Ray or DVD of the concert film.  Until then, do you have a target release date for the streaming/download version of the concert film?  Thanks and best to you and your family!

Bobby B.

And I'd like to see Apostrophe(') in CD format.....


Hi Bobby,

The CD format is less expensive than vinyl but still requires manufacturing costs that are tricky to manage when the demand for the product is very limited. I'll look into further but at the moment the album will remain streaming and download only.

Claudio Trapletti

Hi Dweezil, is there any chance that we will be able to get a VINYL LP of the new Apostrophe live album? I am still preffering the "old" good way of listening to music rather than streaming or else! Thanks a lot brgds from Magadino Switzerland, Claudio


Hi Claudio,

At the moment I don't have plans for vinyl. It's very expensive to produce especially in limited numbers. I may tinker with an idea of how to do it next year but for now there are no plans. Sorry!

YVAN Matteau.

Hi Dweezil can't wait to see you in show and do you think you can 2021 or as the Cruise you will do in 2022 will be the return from the tour we missed from Hot Rats . Greetings from Petit Wazoo Quebec