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Joseph B.

Dear Mr Zappa,

I am interested in a t-shirt. I don’t see anything on your site. I would prefer to buy your merchandise versus Zappa merchandise on Amazon.



Hi Joe,

I'll be adding Merch back on to my site very soon. Please keep an eye on it over the next few days. Thanks for your support!


My fellow Dweezers,

Pardon me for a moment. I am certainly not an expert, but, the fact that we can get this music instantly, or at all, via download, is a blessing. The cost to produce Cd's, or vinyl, for a limited run, would be ridiculous and time consuming. And that doesn't include liners. I download to a folder that I will burn or transfer to thumb drive. The UMRK is closed, but we are privileged to have exclusive content at our fingertips. Cheers!!!

Jim V.

Hi Dweezil,

Would love to get this as a CD, got all your releases on cd, saw you perform this in Scotland, been to all your Scottish dates, love the music, hope to see you back soon, Thanks for all the pleasure you have given.

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

This will just be SO cool as I'm fairly sure I saw you in Montreal this tour! my memory's not so great but I have the ticket stub and can go look.
It's going to be fantastic to hear it over the big system! So stoked! Thank you Brother! ❤️
Love ya for all you've done! And that's near infinite!

Jacques C.

Hi Dweezil,

As per Allen’s post below, I too would love to get the Apostrophe Live Concert Film on DVD. I hope you consider making it available on DVD. If not, do you have a target release date for the download version of the concert film? i can’t wait! The sample clip of St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast is soooo good! Just listening to it brought a great big smile to my face. :o) Frank’s music always makes me happy. And your’s too BTW... Just love your Via Zammata CD. You are so much like Frank :o) Take care, stay safe and looking forward to catching you live again in Ottawa or Montreal in the coming year/years.