Wonderful to hear all this. 


C'mon people. Admit it. Isn't Dweezil is the most solid, modest, genuine and truly friendly person on the planet? In this day and age we need more people like The Dweez.

David McCain

This is an awesome series ( and a wonderful surprise ). Just got done listening to " Havin' A Bad Day " on CD after the podcast ( I used to own it on cassette ). Brought back a LOT of great memories for me. Quality show, Dweezil. 


Tommy Quirk

Well there's something that I've been wanting to hear for @36 years now.

I really geeked-out hard to this album back in the day.  I know I went through a few copies of the cassette in the 80s.  (I now have copies on CD and album)

There was so much to say about a "kid" that was composing and playing these songs, but I loved the guitar tones on the album. I remember (almost) being disappointed when I heard  the "new" guitar tones on "My Guitar....",  only for it to usurp "Havin' ..." as my favorite album at the time. 

When I sit down and think about it, this album was really had a bigger effect on my life as I got older.  It goes without saying that I bought all of the other albums as they were released, but when ZPZ started, it opened/re-opened another world to me.    The people in my life, the paces that I've traveled, the music, and musicians who I may have never known.    I'm not sure if everything would have unfolded that way if I hadn't discovered "Havin' a Bad Day"

Steve Vai made the comment "Listening to this music will make your life better" when speaking about Frank's music.  I thought that was very sweet when I heard it.  

I didn't think it would be prophetic.

It all goes back to "that kid with the green guitar".  


Wasn't there another outtake from Havin' A Bad Day called The Rain Keeps Up that Z used to play live? Would be great to be able to buy/download the whole album with bonus tracks at some point.

Looking forward to Episode 3 meantime.