Those gremlins. Here's to you and yours during this holiday festive season

Sean A.

Looking forward to this one as well. I wish the PG episode was a 2 part one as well, that was such a fantastic listen! Dweezil, I wish you and your family the best for this holiday season, please take a few days off. We will still be here when you get back and finish the Nuno episode. 

Einar F.

Sorry to hear of your hard-drive snag!!  We’ve probably all been in that spot & know that it’s no fun.  

No pressure at all intended...but please be heartened to know that the material you’re releasing are holidays all on their own.  EACH Thursday is a holiday!!  

Thanks for taking care of us...hope you’re not too frazzled!!


Thanks Einar,

I'm hangin' in there. I want to get this one done! Of course, I have several more I have to start immediately after that!