Muhammad S.

You completely match our expectation and the variety of our information.   Questions to Ask a Guy

Paul G.

Tonight in Seattle I can not wait, never miss him, seen his dad many times. He would be proud of you Dweezil, very proud. A whole new generation can now enjoy this as it should be "live" for the full effect. 


I hope to see this band in the UK in the very near future (Especially Liverpool) 

David McCain

Hey Dweezil. Hope all is well with you, the band and the family. My apologies for bothering you. But I had an equipment question on your guitar picks. A recent accident forced me to use a heavier gauge/larger guitar pick, resulting in me looking to upgrade from my teardrop Jazz Dunlops. And I was curious what you are using now and if those picks are commercially available. I seem to recall from a Guitar World 2007 magazine interview you said something to the effect that you were using a custom style pick. No need to rush back for an answer. Thanks for your time and be safe out there!

robert w.

I liked the fast Yellow Snow-bit!

slope game