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  • Margaret L.

    Saw the first show of the tour in Scottsdale and agree that this is your best band. I remember noticing that both of the women took a big swig of water before the start of 50/50 and hoped it was an omen of great things to come---was it ever! I was always wondering if I would hear that song live. The best concert I've seen is quite a while! Now I am hoping I will hear The Nancy and Mary music (with audience participation) in a future tour!





  • SDF

    I have enjoyed your live performances three times in southern California over the past decade or so. Recently retired to southern Oregon a couple of years ago and was blown away when I learned that a fourth encounter with the ZPZ experience was available in December of this year. Thanks for including Grants Pass on the tour.

    Recently noted an obscure "connection" to noted "Mothers" band member Don "Sugarcane" Harris (Weasels Ripped My Flesh and Burnt Weeny Sandwich) and the name of your current tour. Google them together 

  • Gary

    In the design of the Choice Cuts tour, where setlists include obscure songs, lesser known arrangements of well known songs and classics. I once again share my sentiments  that this band is one of the finest assembled to ever perform the composers work.


    When this level of musicianship and overall band enthusiasm hits the stage, one can only hope that fans, both new and old, get a chance to see and hear this.

    Not to take anything away from Frank's band or your previous bands, but being there and seeing this show live clearly shows that this level of musicianship and overall show design continues to show how your road traveled with Frank's works evolve.


    Thinking back to April 2006@The Jammy's and BB Kings ZPZ Tasting show. As a life long fan I could only have hoped the evolution would bring FZs music where your bands have taken it. I am thankful for all that you and your bands have done and those take the time and resources to support it.

    A toast of positive N'Lightentment for you, your band and all that perform and listen to FZs works.

  • Bernd L.


    that‘s really an amazing new band!

    Would like to see you in Germany again.

    Hope you ever come back to good old Dweeziltown (Düsseldorf) the place where it all started in 2006 with ZPZ (for me)

    Good luck for that upcoming tour. I am sure you ´ ll all fun!

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Hopefully the UK will get to taste this fine amazing band soon.

    Arf Arf