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Kent E.

Finally got to see Dweezil and the band in Beverly, MA last night. It was hands-down one of the best concerts I've ever been to in my life, including Frank, all kinds of rock, jazz, and classical. Every single band member is brilliant and incredibly skilled. You just don't see that kind of quality of musicianship anymore, particularly in rock.To think how affordable it was! And such an intimate setting. It's the best $50. I ever spent! I was most impressed with how the band is so unpretentious, coming out after the show to meet with the audience. Looking at these tour dates, they're keeping a grueling schedule. Making themselves accessible to the audience is so generous and kind, and not like other bands. Well, not like other rock bands. They are definitely more like classical musicians in spirit! These people are a true testament to the legacy of Frank. I wish I could drop everything and go on tour with them forever! I wish we could have talked longer! Please come back to MA again soon!! It was a breath of fresh air and a bright light in an incredibly dark time. Exactly what the doctor ordered. As long as concert halls exist and musicians can practice and perform, we still have civilization.


Greetings Dweezil and Co:
Perhaps you and the gang could discuss that old, famous, folk song :
for your concert at the Commodore in Vancouver on Dec 13...
A couple of months should do it.

The reason I ask is: I saw your last Vancouver show and for a brief time that night...
Dweezil was in a Trio with Bill Bruford and John Wetton. I kid you not.

( actually Greg Lake and Michael Giles were the original perps - but hey..)

I took my 3 nephews to Toronto where Dweeze turned James Bond into Studebaker Hawk...
Perhaps you could turn Muffin Man into Schizoid Man (or SM into MM)

Cion sings:
"Hates' seed; Blind Man's Greed.
Poets starving. Children bleed.
Nothing he's got he really needs.
21st Century Schizoid Man."

Scheila's Sax Solo would vaporize some audience members...

As fans go; you got me hooked for seven concerts so far and I am continually bamboozled:
Real Music written by a Real Composer and played by Real Musicians...

But " You Know You Know "

Thanks for your time. Counting down.
Paul Whistler.eh

Greg F.

Hi mister Dweezil, I have see you in Europe (Belgique), fantastique band. great Sound, juste one question.


what is the model of QSC amp you use ?




jeff k.

Who is the drummer in this new band?


Doesn't get any better than this. Bravo.