• Whit

    Dweezil, saw you and your great band at the House of Blues in NJ twice. Great shows. After the performance you were kind enough to sign everything thrown your way on stage. After the Roxy performance your whole band signed tee shirts. You are 100% classy and second to none in your performances. It saddens me to see what you are going through. It's all about the music and you have your priorities straight. But you know all this already. You have my support and your Others of Intention tee is on my Christmas list. Thanks again for being such an example to the music community as to how it is done the right way.

  • Luc K.

    Hi Dweezil, you are what you is ! Can't wait to see and hear you and your band tomorrow at the Brussels' gig ! Don't forget to register to play..

  • Emergency Man

    Hi Dweezil, As I told you the last time we met at the SF show, "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!". Frank would be proud of you, as I am. Glad to support your efforts to keep Frank's music alive. Just piled some more of my hard earned Drum Lessons money to your cause. Say hi to Ryan for me and can't wait to see and hear you again at the next Bay Area shows! See you and Ryan at the Sound Check...(Emergency Man).

  • Nigel

    Thank you and the band for another fantastic show at the Sage Gateshead. I can't put into words how much I appreciate  being able to experience Frank's music live. 

  • Joseph T.

    Wishing you all the best! Thank you and your band for the awesome show at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre Pa!




  • Bruce G.

     You are supported!  

  • Mark C.

    I support this Dweezil. You just gotta!


  • Cheryl A.

    DWEEZIL, I just want to let you know that I am 100% behind you. You should play whatever you want to play. I know in my heart that Frank is proud of you playing his music. 

  • Ryan S.

    I still can't believe this,ever since my buddy told me about this I wished I had money to donate even if it's not needed.So I worked and worked till I had money for this project and am a now a proud Others Of Intention member.Keep up the wonderful life changing material Dweezil's, you got family you don't know about everywhere(and not like your father(rip) might) I mean strong supporters.From New Brunswick,Canada I thank you

  • Douglas W.

    Dweezil I'm there for you and your name. I wonder what Frank is thinking about this. Doug.

  • laney' l.

    Ridiculous I can't believe your own family would do this to you

  • skycarl

    Wish I could have given more for this,,, Stay strong. Thanks for the music.

  • Jeffrey R.

    And many thanks to you RJ, 

    Dweezil, you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond John M.

    Keep Frank's music alive! Thanks to Jason Rose (R.I.P.) and Jeff Rose for turning me onto Frank's music back in the early 70's and we saw just about every show Frank ever played in NYC. Btw, Frank owes me and the Rose brothers a lot of money for all of the speakers we blew out while blasting out Frank Zappa's music. Our neighbors didn't know what the hell hit them when we blasted Frank's music on our JBL's. ; )  We saw you in 2016 in Huntington, NY and the Beacon Theater in NYC. Looking forward to seeing more shows. Frank's music now lives through you. Keep up the great work!!!---Raymond John

  • Official Tery

    Diva and Ahmet are being telefunken u47 absurd..

    oops.. am I allowed to type Diva and Ahmet?

    I will refer to them as Micro and Soft if I have to...