Become one of the Others of Intention.

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  • Mark C.

    I support this Dweezil. You just gotta!


  • Cheryl A.

    DWEEZIL, I just want to let you know that I am 100% behind you. You should play whatever you want to play. I know in my heart that Frank is proud of you playing his music. 

  • Ryan S.

    I still can't believe this,ever since my buddy told me about this I wished I had money to donate even if it's not needed.So I worked and worked till I had money for this project and am a now a proud Others Of Intention member.Keep up the wonderful life changing material Dweezil's, you got family you don't know about everywhere(and not like your father(rip) might) I mean strong supporters.From New Brunswick,Canada I thank you

  • Douglas W.

    Dweezil I'm there for you and your name. I wonder what Frank is thinking about this. Doug.

  • laney' l.

    Ridiculous I can't believe your own family would do this to you