• HowieZowie

    Deets coming on the Fuzz pedal addition to the pledge drive?

  • Dick S.

    It amazes me how a petty money grab can lead to all this. Your "Family" has the audasity to speak of carrying on Frank's music.

    I do not see them on the road. Perhaps they are still in some basement destroying robots. Dweezil, you and your Colleagues are truly moving forward. Carrying on the legacy of your Father's creations and exsposing them to an entire new generation.

    If your Sister and Brother need some cash, I will be happy to send them a twenty for a T shirt.


    See you in Fresno Sir.

  • Michael G.

    I'm supporting you cause. Let's make a difference. 

  • Leif  S.

    Listen to your music twice in Gothenburg. And your father once, also in Gothenburg.

    You both refreshed my brain and lifted my soul. So sorry to hear about this stupid situation.

    I support you !  Have bought your Vinyl and will buy an art print. I really hope that I can go and

    listen to Dweezil Zappa next time in Sweden. Of course I will be there even if only a Dweezil X shows up :)


    Leif Svensson

    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Martin '69

    This whole thing is so sad. Dweezil is up to keep is fathers's work of a livetime alive.  Just let him do this under the name of his father. Just let him keep his father's music alive.

  • Paul Diana

    I don't make a lot of money and it's a tough time of the year.BUT, Dweezil ZAPPA has brought me , my wife and sons so much .His live show has enabled me to actually SHOW my family what HIS FATHER Frank's music is.The integrity that it's played by all band members is translated to anyone lucky enough to be able to see them.This all aside ,his family has moved to block Dweezil from Using his own last name in touring , playing,and recording the music his father wrote.Unless ,they can get their NOT so" friendly little fingers "on some financial gains, at their own Brothers expense, will he be ALLOWED to use his last name.So,I donated ,am proud to do so..Plus check it out Dweezil won't let you go away empty handed ...I will receive a signed Live In The Moment II CD, Plus a signed Back stage pass from the DZPWTFHW Tour .There's still some cool stuff to get for YOUR donations, but going quickly.Thanks for all the years of entertainment Dweezil ,I hope you and your family have a great holiday season.Hope to see you and the band  next year, hopefully in the Egg ...

    • Samuel "Samppa" M.

      Poor old Frank & Gail, :-( They must be turning flips wherever you guys planted them. I come from a kinda big family and I've seen this crap first hand. Somebody in the family gets a bit of power and starts going crazy with it.


      Dweezil, if you are listening. I think your brother is being a power hungry A-Hole that feels the need to throw his weight around and your little sister probably doesn't know how to tell him to quit acting like a dick.


      I think this move on your brother's part isn't a very smart one. If somebody from the Zappa family (That's you Dweezil) doesn't get out and play the music under the ZAPPA name for us and the younger crowd, then the music is gonna be forgotten and it’s revenue is gonna dry up. Your brother is doing the rest of your family a disservice, not to mention the disservice he's doing to your father and his music.


      Ahmet, I always thought you were cool. You even Emailed me once. What in the world did your brother do that was so bad that you would want to take the family name away from him? Don’t you realize you would be taking his his ability to earn a living away? Was it something so bad between the two of you that you would want to see your brother struggling in the street? It’s possible. If so, then you’re one cold mug.


      What the hell happened between the two of you? I thought you guys were tight. You and your brother are part of the same family weather your mother and father are here or not. You the Zappa family better get it together. We the fans aren’t just fans of Dweezil’s, Moon’s, Ahmet’s or Diva’s. We are fans of the whole Zappa Family.


      So, whatever the beef is between all of you, you the remaining part of the Frank Zappa Family need to get it squared away before us the fans decide the remainders of you aren’t worth our (The Fan’s) time.


      I know your family isn’t a one Dog and Pony Show. I know the Zappa family is more interesting than a pack of squabbling siblings. Get it together before us the fans decide you’re not interesting enough to hold our attention. Your Mom and Dad didn’t leave all of what you have behind so you can squabble over it.


      This is Frank Zappa’s life’s work and name! You guys are treating it like s**t! Quit using your father’s life’s work like some kind of weapon, to use to outdo each other with. You dummies don’t know how lucky you all are. Better figure it out, before it’s too late. Someone, just might come along and pull the rug out from underneath all of you. This is a world where anything can and does happen.



      President and owner of The Constipation Think Tank

    • John Keenan

            I agree, the whole thing is totally ludicrous! Dweezil is the only member of the family with the talent to carry on in his father's footsteps and we are lucky to have him do it! As far as I am concerned Ahmet and Diva should f**k off !!!!