Become one of the Others of Intention.

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  • HowieZowie

    Deets coming on the Fuzz pedal addition to the pledge drive?

  • Dick S.

    It amazes me how a petty money grab can lead to all this. Your "Family" has the audasity to speak of carrying on Frank's music.

    I do not see them on the road. Perhaps they are still in some basement destroying robots. Dweezil, you and your Colleagues are truly moving forward. Carrying on the legacy of your Father's creations and exsposing them to an entire new generation.

    If your Sister and Brother need some cash, I will be happy to send them a twenty for a T shirt.


    See you in Fresno Sir.

  • Michael G.

    I'm supporting you cause. Let's make a difference. 

  • Leif  S.

    Listen to your music twice in Gothenburg. And your father once, also in Gothenburg.

    You both refreshed my brain and lifted my soul. So sorry to hear about this stupid situation.

    I support you !  Have bought your Vinyl and will buy an art print. I really hope that I can go and

    listen to Dweezil Zappa next time in Sweden. Of course I will be there even if only a Dweezil X shows up :)


    Leif Svensson

    Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Martin '69

    This whole thing is so sad. Dweezil is up to keep is fathers's work of a livetime alive.  Just let him do this under the name of his father. Just let him keep his father's music alive.