Dunlop is honored to be one of the co-presenters of this year's 2014 Experience Hendrix Tour, and in connection with the tour proudly presents an intimate interview with one of the tour's featured artists Dweezil Zappa. Making time for our film crew before a recent show in the Bay Area, Dweezil shares with us what the legacy of Hendrix has meant to him and his music. Be sure to catch Dweezil along with other greats such as Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, Eric Gales, Zakk Wylde, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Johnny Lang, and Billy Cox on this year's Experience Hendrix Tour, show dates available at:

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Kent E.

Finally got to see Dweezil and the band in Beverly, MA last night. It was hands-down one of the best concerts I've ever been to in my life.  Every single band member is brilliant and incredibly skilled. You just don't see that kind of quality of musicianship anymore. To think how affordable it was! And such an intimate setting. It's the best 50 bucks I ever spent! I was most impressed with how the band is so unpretentious, coming out after the show to meet with the audience. Looking at these tour dates, they're keeping a grueling schedule. Making themselves accessible to the audience is so generous and kind, and not like other bands. The spirit in which these people operate is a true testament to the legacy of Frank. I wish I could drop everything and go on tour with them forever! I wish we could have talked longer! Please come back to MA again soon!! 

Paul Diana

Excellent show, was able to attend at the Palace Theater Albany New York a couple years ago.,great show I recommend it. This is the story from my friends brother ,He works for Step Up Presents .He was the driver for Dweezil ,Billy Cox and another maybe.They ,Dweezil and Billy plus? Wanted to get lunch ...The Sinister midget as my buddies brother is nicknamed .no joke ..Took them to a restaurant ,they Dweezil and Billy Cox plus another...invited the Sinister midget ...who is not a midget ..he's 5 ft 6 lunch and were very cool and kind to him...that's the story...I believe it ...Dweezil seems very down to earth.... 


Yesssss,so stop chasing and great to hear your own sound comming....respect!Try to let loose,pff who am i to say .Wish you well,Sylvia.