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Born in Buffalo.I grew up in Tonawanda, N.Y.Right along the niagara river it was my playground set between two of the world's great lakes Erie to my left ontario to my right.What a storm maker.I Grew up hangin with older brother and his friend's most of the time.That's how i met Frank it was in a dingy dark smoke filled basement 2 blocks from my house.It was the place to be from my p.o.v.anyway. Zappa,Zep,Beck,Genesis,crimson,Deep purple,hendrix,just missed woodstock almost right around the corner.Just downstate.still bothered by that to this day.Well all grown up now i hope anyway's.Freak out was my favorite up until every other album F.Z. has made.I mean the man was a genius of a composer perfection his middle name.Today i enjoy a blessed family great wife 2 good boys and 4 beautiful cosmik Granddaughters.Crusing on my hog on the open road or on my Quad out in god's country.Wind in your face can't beat it.I know this might p**s some off but i like hunting and fishing. And i never shot an innocent deer only the one's that look guilty.LOL. Exploring in the woods with my granddaughters is a blast.Attending as many Dweezil Zappa plays Zappa concerts as i can. And for every DzPz show i attend well i don't know but ever since my second show nov.6 2007,Buffalo,N.Y. Town Ballroom. When after the concert Dweezil Personally handed me his set list. Now this really Blew my Mind. Now i find that up to and during every concert that set list weighs heavy on my mind. Am i crazy? Well i don't think so. You see only a TRUE ZAPPA FANATIC can Know what we know. And what is fact is fact and fact is that FRANK ZAPPA has done More for MUSIC that any one person can comprehend. Even Zappaheads. O yeah thats right i said Zappaheads Were out there. Fact is FRANK ZAPPA was a GENIUS of a COMPOSER. Perfection was his middle name play it right or don't play it at all that attitude. Not a bad thing in my book at all. And any one can see not just Zappaheads that SON OF ZAPPA my main man Dweezil, And that tight DzPz band he play's with. A big chip off the ol block.and that'a fact! Fact is FZ is the MAESTRO all hail to the MAESTRO!!! ( still miss you Frank thank's for all the good fun and the lifetime of music you left us. Oh and thank's to you and Gail for someone so FREAKIN talented to play it. The music should outlive me. Oh! Oh! least i forget say hello to the Captain.And all the other great's up there. Way to many to list now. And don't pick on Michael J.about his nose to much. He might still be a little shy. Til we meet again. Fruie.) P.S. if anyone would like, I think i got some cool set lists pictures in my photo albums. What say you? Oh! I also would like to mention something really neat just happened in my life besides DZW. I am proud to say a girl was born to my mother in 1958, 2 years after my birth. It's a long story but bottom line is i nor my 4 brothers or 1 sister have ever met this girl. For reasons unknown to us my ma gave her up for adoption. Well long story short.Her name is Mary S. And just this year Mary summened up the courage to contact her new found family. And now that's a moment! And not only that fruie's lil sis although she is not a Zappahead she like's some of Frank's music. And has followed her new big bro and joined DZWorld. And you can be sure i will be looking out for my lil sis. love ya lil sis.Baby fruie, enough for now my typing finger hurts lmao.One more thing to add A new baby girl was born to my son Dave & his wife my newest granddaughter is named Layla Grace. I am officially surrounded by Females....HeLp! PEACE OUT FRUIE

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