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Playing for 3 decades and Frank Zappa has been a tremendous inspiration to me. What a mind-opener. And the parody/anthropology of human beings and our various ridiculous activities is such a bonus. Grew up in Louisiana and played for 3 decades now, but not as full-time musician, was guy with "real world job." Love blues, rock, funk, swamp music too, and of course Zappa. I play several Collings electrics (2 I-35s and a CL-DLX), a Gold Sparkle Strat, and a nice old Tele. Martin D-28 Acoustic. It took me years to find the stuff I love best/sounds the best. Ah, the ToneQuest... Have a Fractal AXE-FX II with powered monitors and MFC controller, and a Bludotone Ojai. I love dinking with guitar tones and replicating them. Hanging out at Austin Vintage Guitars and got to know some of my heroes like Eric Johnson, Jimmie Vaughn, and others...recently moved to Virginia and getting settled here looking for fellow music tribe members who can really groove. Will be at Dweezilla 2014, alumnus of all of them, and looking forward to it!
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Can't wait!  Been to every Dweezilla so far, and at each one learned useful and even amazing new musical ideas and techniques, helped me grow immensely as a musician!  See you there! Plus hanging and listening to you and the......Read more