About me:
I'm a well balanced, yet charmingly impulsive manic depressive in a boy-next-door kind of a way. I am always open to suggestion and seeking constant change. Apathetic, complacent and average are three good words not to describe me - I merely aspire to being those. I fly in the face of convention in that I speak the truth, say what I mean and do what I say....I know it's wrong, but I can't stop myself. Like my chum The Panther I have no yearning to trek across the Himalayas in a barrel.
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Kwaze posted a comment on the blog post Response To My Brother's 2nd Open Letter

I have read the goings-on every now and then over the years and unless I'm missing something it seems to go something like this: For some bizarre reason Gail done everything in her power to obliterate the Zappa name from the......Read more

Kwaze posted a comment on the blog post It Can Happen Here!

I always thought it strange that after initially promoting Zappa cover bands Gail turned about face and tried to obliterate the name Zappa from planet earth.... Upon her sad demise I thought sense would prevail, but alas it......Read more