Daniel M.

Really enjoying the Balance Ep!  The discussion of Big Fat Money is fun and there are so many references in that tune.  The piano isn't the only connection to A Apolitical Blues, the first vocal line and overall feel are a pretty direct nod to Little Feat's Teenage Nervous Breakdown.  70s Little Feat rules and probably one of the swinging-est bands around.  Wonder if all of VH were into them or if it was a Sammy thing?

Rob G

Another excellent episode, Balance is still one of my favourite Van Hagar albums. I don't think Bruce would have contributed the arrangement ideas such as a Beatles part or Led Zep vibe though, I think that was just coming from Ed and Al, and Sammy too in his vocal delivery. I think Ed allowed his influences to come out more prominently at this time and then even more so on VH III, with nods to everything from the blues to Peter Gabriel. Apparently 'Strung Out' was taken from hours of a recording where Ed destroyed a rather expensive piano! I saw an interview around that time and Ed said that 'Baluchitherium' was supposed to be a vocal track, but Sammy couldn't come up with lyrics for it?

David McCain

Dweezil: GREAT episode!!! Another home run. The part of Andy playing the intro to " Cliffs Of Dover " in the wet-dry-wet configuration almost made me collide with another car while listening to the show ( haha )! Question: Has interviewing these guests inspired you to ask them to contribute to your " What The Hell Was I Thinking " project ( keep in mind I'm asking this being unaware of your current work load status )? All the best-DMC

David McCain

Awesome. New episode has arrived! I'll be checking it out today on my routes. Andy is someone fairly new to me ( I've caught a couple of his You Tube shows in the past-Great player ). Thanks Dweezil! 

Christopher L.

Great episode with Andy Wood. Dweezil, I can say VH III really did make me dive into Van Halen more. I had heard other albums for all the songs that made it to the pop charts, but that spring of 98 I was invested. Seeing the concert 3 times that summer with Gary was one of my favorites because the concert spanned all three eras. Loved Gary in the band. I think I was drawn to this album more because so many people just wrote it off.  While it isn't my favorite album at the moment, it does circulate through my rotation frequently. I think I like the album more and more because of the hate for it. In my opinion, a true Edward Van Halen listens to that album and notes what he was trying to accomplish. Knowing what we know now about his bouts with depression and the vulnerability of his mind makes it all the more special to me because Gary was able to encourage him to sing. Encourage him to just play and let the sound be raw.

Love this series so much.


I agree, Chris! I loved the show with Gary. We got to hear more songs from all three eras. Your opinion on the album resonates with me. It may not be my favourite, but every now and then, I've got to listen for what they did accomplish.

David McCain

I too saw Gary with VH on their 3 tour and really enjoyed it. But, it wasn't until I bought the VH 3 guitar tab book that made realize that Ed was a layering genius, especially on tunes like " From Afar " as well as " Fire In The Hole. " I believe that more people will come to enjoy VH 3 in time.