Rob J.

This show is absolutely amazing.... D does a great job.  The Corgan show was the only one that kinda sucked to me.  1. We already talked about Fair Warning 2 episodes with Nuno which was awesome by the way so even though it was BC's favorite album and he was on the Guitar world 96 cover with Ed when he interviewed him and it was his favorite album I don't see why we wasted another episode talking about FW, the same songs and this time didn't even play many parts or anything we just spent time talking about BC.  Kinda the worst one in my opinion but hey lets bounce back.  Im excited to move on to Diver Down and eventually into the Hagar era specifically Balance.  Anyways keep up the good work D.  Also aren't these supposed to be a weekly Thursday thing?  Why no show yesterday.  Seems now its not weekly anymore its like one a month.... common man put em out!!!  :)

we love it D thank you so much man... keep em coming this was a great idea.  Rob Johnson  :) 

Robert G.

I'd take as many episodes on Fair Warning as Dweezil can muster. This isn't an either or situation -- it's a load up your plate with another piece of pie situation because we have plenty. There were a few profoundly interesting moments in the BC episode that were quite illuminating. Conversations are dialogic -- in this case more is better - the more inputs the better. The idea of experiencing EVH through the collective networks of his peers and fans as they speak to their experiences with him and his music, with Dweezil facilitating or curating those discussions, is an unparalleled opportunity. Something ver4y liminal and quite wonderful is being built here. Strap in - it's happening organically and you are on the ground floor brother.


I don't mind multiple takes on "Fair Warning' (or any of the albums myself) but I just felt the other episodes everyone was just SO enthusiastic talking about Ed and what he did which I didn't feel it in the Corgan episode... Felt like Dweezil was really trying hard to get him to go into more detail on why something spoke to him and he just wasn't biting... Can't wait for Diver Down...

Dweezil Z.

Hi Rob,

Yes, I am aware that the episodes have slowed down a bit and I apologize for their tardiness. Truthfully, to make them as good as good as I possibly can, they actually take more time to make than I had planned. A lot of stuff goes into them, more than just recording conversations with people. I have been working 10-12 hour days for weeks on these things and it's just me doing it. I'm just about finished with the Diver Down episode. It will be uploaded tonight. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Scott W.

Hi! Really enjoying these episodes so far. Blues Saraceno was cray cray!! Paper bag?!? Just wanted to make a small request, and I don't know if it's been done, but a side by side comparison of which earlier demo riffs ended up in which songs on the albums would be cool. Maybe this has already been done? I don't know. Anyway, many thanks for your doing this, Dweezil!!

Dweezil Z.

Hi Scott,

Glad you're enjoying the series! Yes, the paper bag story is a good one!

Timothy J.

Really enjoying the podcast series. The Corgan episode is the only one that fell flat for me. A few too many snide remarks (hair metal, Kiss, Hagar-era VH, etc.). And Corgan doesn't like "Hear About It Later"? Wow...

Added note: I am having an issue with my Premier Guitar subscription, so I've followed up with them.

Dweezil Z.

Hi Timothy,

I hear ya, there will always be a few surprises out there. Hopefully Premier has sorted out your issue by now. Best, DZ


Thank you for all the AWESOME episodes Dweezil. I have a 1984 album "conspiracy" that I hope you can help put to rest in an upcoming episode. Ted Templeman's recently released biography ("A Platinum Producer's Life in Music", Greg Renoff) has a chapter that details the creation of the 1984 album and states that the drum solo intro to "Hot for Teacher" wasn't drums at all, but a difficult and time-consuming manipulation of a recording of the exhaust from Ed's Lamborghini by Don Landee. As a musician who is intimately familiar with the song I nearly fell out of my seat when I read this, and can't imagine how this could true. The book also details how the exhaust was used during the break in "Panama", so I don't think he is confusing the songs. Please consider addressing this. The fans deserve to know, and Alex deserves credit for what he accomplished if the book is inaccurate. Keep up the fantastic work. |m|

Richard W.

Hi Steven

I think the part on HfT you are referring to is only the first 4 seconds or so of the track; if I remember (I may be corrected) that it was the Lamborghini on start-up that you can hear at the very beginning (perhaps on a ‘cold start’, if such things occur in LA?!) 

Then Alex’s drum part comes in as we all know and love.... and away we go....

Hope this helps 


Hi Richard. Yes, the 1st few seconds of Hot For Teacher is what I'm referring to. I could be wrong, but I would bet (my autographed VH-1 record :)) that the first few seconds is Alex playing a pattern on an electronic tom pad (with sticks). The same sound is triggered by the electric tom and electric kick drums, so when the double kicks come in after the first few seconds it sounds like an engine running. It took me years to figure out how Alex pulled this off, but it's only a theory (especially now that Templeman has discredited it). I would love to verify this with somebody who was there.


Hi Dweezil , love all the episodes and like the mighty VH albums , I am re -listening to all the episodes several times. I tend to listen when I'm in the car and have all episodes on a USB memory stick - however for some reason the Billy Corgan one will not play ??? Suggesting "File Error" . Even though others that are WAV files have been fine and played. Any ideas please ?