Charles B.

Phill X! Awesome episode! Dream guests:Terry Kilgore (is he still alive?), George Lynch both were playing in the clubs the same time as Edward and can speak about the rise of this amazing band and guitarist. 

Michael Anthony would be my number one dream guest! One can wish.

Allen G.

Terry is very much alive!

Allen G.

Wow! Fantastic episode of 'Runnin' With the Dweezil'! I am SO glad that you had Phil X on board. This is PRECISELY the type of stuff that I love about this wonderful podcast and interview style...we hear two guys who love Van Halen and that despite all of their success and acclaim are STILL learning from Edward and who have fun learning and discussing the minutia of his playing in all its intricate glory! SO many great points brought up here that I don't even know where to begin. Thank you for mentioning Jacob Deraps...he is indeed amazing and one of the very, very, VERY few who get into the rhythm and timing feel of Ed's playing. And then he sings his ASS off on LEAD vocals while playing very complex Van Halen riffs-though he does lots of other material of others and his own music this way. He gets very close to note-for-note...not exactly, but a lot closer than almost anyone else. It's a pleasure to hear him tackle "Runnin' With the Devil/Dweezil" at the end of every episode! 

I just finished listening, so I'll have to come back and edit this post with some point-by-point observations later, but wow, THANKS very much to you and Phil X for this fun-time geek out!


So glad you enjoyed it. I'm thinking that you would be a fun guest at some point. What do you think?

Allen G.

I think that would be a gas! I like how you approached this one with Phil and maybe we can shoot for something along those lines…it’ll be hard to rein us in because we can go down multiple rabbit holes as you know! Just let me know when works best for you and I’ll make it happen on my end!

Benjamin L.

+1 to an Allen G spot!  This podcast is everything.

Allen G.

I’m not sure if Dweezil is aware of this, but apparently the first thing that was ever played back in Edward’s ‘5150’ studio as it was being completed was a cassette of “My Mother Is a Space Cadet”! This is an excerpt from a fairly well-known article from the April 1985 issue of ‘Recording Engineer/Producer’ magazine about the construction process of the studio, but somehow I just now noticed this little factoid!


Chris W.

Do you have any instructions for downloading and playing the episodes on my phone? I have both Spotify and podbean, but neither one can find the files I saved.

Robert G.

You don’t play them through those apps - you play them through the player on the website or from the file you downloaded onto your phone. Check your files or downloads folder on your iPhone.

David McCain

If you have an Apple phone, use the Safari app to sign into the website. You should have two options for downloading the episodes into your phone: Hi-res or low-res. Hit your choice and the download should appear in the " files " app. I download the low-res version for my phone ( since I'm constantly on the move ) and these downloads sound pretty good, even with earbuds. Hope that helps. 

Allen G.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to leave a note here for the Van Halen faithful to be sure you head over to the Community Blog section to see the full text of the only interview that Robin “Rudy” Leiren has ever given. Journalist and author Steven Rosen gave me the audio of this full interview with permission to transcribe it to text and share it. Check it out here: