Retried Confusion

I came to Van Halen via Queen back in the 80’s. Queen albums were all about variety and the variety of songs and sounds on Diver Down made it one of my favourite Van Halen albums back in the day. I still have a soft spot for it and it contains some of my favourite VH tunes...Secrets, Hang em High, Full Bug. A classic

Craig B.

I’d like to petition to have Dweezil remaster these albums. Is it just me or are the sound bites of the songs coming through even better sounding than the originals?

Dweezil Z.

Hi Craig,

On some occasions in these episodes I have made some slight adjustments to the eq for the tracks in order to bring out certain details. I've mostly done it with the live bootleg stuff because those typically need help to sound better.

What I would really like to do is mix some Van Halen classic albums in Atmos! That would be amazing and so much fun!!! Full on 3D Van Halen!

Jeff 5150

Another great episode! Mark was super cool and was a great guest. Hearing all these great musicians that you bring aboard gush over Edward is so heartwarming. Gives me a sense of validation to why I’ve always exclaimed that Van Halen was the greatest band ever and that Edward has no equal. But one of the best parts of all these episodes is you Dweezil. Your enormous fandom and immense love and respect for Eddie brings me so much joy to listen to and at times brings me to tears. Thanks again for all your doing for fans like me. Like always, I can’t wait for the next episode.

Michael M.

Great stuff. Loved hearing the alternate Hang Em High solo. You can hear the I'm the one riff he uses in the second chorus. And listening back now, I hear parts of the Cradle Will Rock and Push Comes to Show in the Secrets solo. Funny that you mentioned Townsend for Little Guitars as I always thought Won't Get Fooled Again for that song. Its so great to revisit this album.  Thanks for doing that.Hopefully Tremonti leads to Wolfie discussing A Different Kind of Truth. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Robert D.

Mr. Zappa,

Just finished the Diver Down episode.  Just great stuff always felt like that album while panned had such good playing on it. Even with all the covers it sounds like VH. Ed always made it his own and I have nothing but respect for that. That double neck on Secrets fascinated me.  The live guitar I think had a Danelectro neck and I always felt like that “U” shaped head stock was about to snap. And having seen Ed live at a tribute to Les Paul at the Brooklyn academy of music with Jan Hammer, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta in 1988, I’m reminded of what you and Mark talked about Ed could only sound like VH with Alex. It was a great tribute but It felt different.  When he played with Alex, Mike and eventually Wolf, it felt dangerous.  Thank you again for giving us this gift and perspective on all these recordings.  
I would love if this was a permanent program on Premier Guitar, Volume XM or a Netflix series.  Who do we have to talk to about that?