Joshua F.

The UFC uses Intruder to open all their main card broadcasts for years. Dana White demanded it of the DJ cuz he's a huge Van Halen fan.

Scott W.

I had totally forgotten that Little Guitars was played on a mini Les Paul! I had a "centerfold" of it hanging on my wall back in the day...this series has really jogged my memory. Thanks for that!

David D

Hey dweezil I would still love to send you my third concert photo book...just need a place to send “may “ give you ten minutes of entertainment on a day off...I should have my e-mail address at the end of my two photo books you have on the back page...dd

Kevin L.

Been thoroughly enjoying this series. In the spirit of Diver Down, just wanted to share a clip of “The Full Bug” I shot from the 2012 tour. Was blown away at how Ed could still pull this off 30 years after the album came out. 

Einar F.

Thank you for sharing GREAT!!!!


That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it!

Jim Angelucci

Thanks for sharing !!

Matthew J.

The solo breakdown portion between Eddie, Mike & Al in “The Full Bag” always reminded me of the The Allman Brothers Band song  “Kind Of Bird”...


another wonderful episode!