Les Paul G.

awesome stuff! really digging the stories.... any idea when the presets for the kemper are coming out?

- Les Paul -


sean s.

have the axe 3 presets been released yet? signed up for the bundle and love it. thanks dweezil

Dweezil Z.

Hi Sean,

Thanks! Glad you're loving it! The presets have not been made yet. They will be part of the episode on reverse-engineering the brown sound. We now have plans for that episode to be filmed! The presets will be made during the production of that episode. That will be a bit further down the line. Stay tuned and happy holidays!

Stephen Z.

I just wanted to say thank you Dweezil. Every once in awhile you feel like you found a pot of gold on the internet and this is one of those. I'm a lifelong VH fan, a fan of yourself and a fan of the guests. To hear you all talk and in some cases play parts on guitar about something we all love so much is incredible. I found short clips of this on YouTube, came here and grabbed the 5150 package. I've never been so happy I spent $51.50 in my life. I seriously can't thank you enough for this awesome show. 

Joshua w.

Dude, this is the best most informative podcast or any piece of media on VH, thank you for doing it. What is the most rare, unreleased outtake or demo that you have heard that’s not out there or known to the rest of us rabid fans?


Dweezil, quick question regarding the last podcast. You played a clip from a bootleg I presume of a jam called “The Red Zone”. That sounded KILLER! Where is that from? 

Dweezil Z.

That same song is also referred to as "Act Like It Hurts." You can find it here: