Michael Doherty

Runnin' With The Dweezil has helped reignite my love for not only Van Halen, but the electric guitar itself. I have been taking my own playing more seriously since I started tuning in. I have been practicing music theory more and learning how to improve my guitar tones. I really appreciate how observant of a listener you are with Edward's playing, Dweezil. The discourse and insight that you share with each guest really makes this podcast so special. 

Michael A.

I totally agree, it's inspiring. I've been digging into my new EVH and messing with tone as well. These podcasts are awesome!

Tim W.

Good episode, Dweezil - thanks. "Girl Gone Bad" is my favorite VH song, and to me it is the reference standard for the truth that Ed plays to Al, and vice-versa. I'm reading Greg Renoff's "Van Halen Rising," and it made a lot of sense to learn that Al played piano and guitar as well as drums. The bottom line is on "Girl Gone Bad" in particular Al knows EXACTLY what Ed was playing, note for note. I love the custom-fit between the guitar and drums.

On a completely randon note, what do you think of your Dad's album "Jazz from Hell"? It's my favorite FZ album, believe it or not. Thanks, Tim

Keith A.

While I can't really rank VH songs as there are just so many great tunes, "Girl Gone Bad" is always up there in my world and I feel like it is a buried treasure in the VH catalog.  Ed used to describe some of VH's music as "Falling down the stairs and landing on your feet".  "Girl Gone Bad" epitomizes that feeling for me.  Actually, a better analogy I think is that I'd say that song feels more like a locomotive train that is going to go off the tracks, but never does.

Dweezil Z.

It's a very complex song. Many skills are required to be able to play it. tricky chord inversions and picking techniques plus odd syncopations and accents. It's pretty amazing that Dave was able to write lyrics to the song and make it work. It could have easily been an instrumental song.

Chris W.

Just subscribed to this series today and listened to the first episode. Also inspired me to sit and really listen to VH1 again. Such a great album, guitar tones that we all dream of (bring on the Reverse Engineering episode).  I'm unusual as I think that EVH was at his peak as a guitar player during the Roth years but I actually prefer the Hagar era albums. Can't wait to listen to all the episodes.

Thank you Dweezil

Dweezil Z.

Hi Chris,

Thanks! Welcome to the community. There's a lot more stuff coming!

Jim Angelucci

Hi. Can we still submit vids taking about the series ? If so where do we post it??


thanks. Love what your doing and the general love and admiration for the MAN

Dweezil Z.

Hi Jim,
Yes, you can still post. All you have to do is post a video from your profile page on my site. It will be loaded into the community video section.

Thanks for your help!


For anyone interested and because I know an episode is on the way in the future, if you haven't heard all the tracks Ed scored for the film, The Wild Life", here is a YouTube playlist going thru them all. Great stuff in there and a unique insight into Ed doing a project like this at home with a drum machine... Here's the link: