Steven O.

Somebody get Dweez a doctor!

Dweezil Z.

"Feelin' no pain

Overloaded" - That's for sure!


Feel better man ... to quote jim carrey dumb and dumber ... don't you go dyin on me!

Dweezil Z.

Hi Everyone,

I know you're all chomping at the bit waiting for part 2 and I appreciate your patience. While I was pushing hard to get it done I ended up getting sick and had to take some time off to rest. I'm just as anxious as all of you to get it finished and delivered for you to enjoy. As soon as I can I will post it, just have to get past this sore throat and fever. Best, DZ

Einar F.

Hope you feel better!!

Shane J.

Hi, Dweezil, hope you feel better soon! I just wanted to express my appreciation for this podcast. Not only are they very insightful, but they’ve given me huge inspiration in learning more Van Halen riffs, licks, and solos! Thanks again for all your hard work! This is truly a gift!! 

Buddy Seamus

Get some rest. Although I know the “downtime” will probably have your head spinning with even more creative ideas you’ll be wanting to execute! Lol. You’ve clearly been getting inspired making these podcasts into little audio movies. I’m digging it and we are all benefiting from it. Hope you feel better. Stay safe.

Treden W.

Speedy recovery!

Matthew J.

feel better Dweez...

Jason S.

First things first, hope you're feeling better soon! Take care


Anthony J.

Hope you feel better soon, Dweezil! All my best to you!!


Take care and wish you a speedy recovery...  Loving the podcast so far - amazing stuff!


Get well soon.

Mark S.

Hope you feel bette Dweezil. Vitamin D, C and zinc....

Dweezil Z.

Thanks Mark! Working indoors all time gives you "studio tan" and proper vitamin D from the sun is definitely something I could use.

Tom Atkins

Feel Better Dweezil! Thank you for doing all that you are doing - absolutely love all of these podcasts and all of your hard work!

Shane J.

Hi Dweezil, hope you’re doing well. When is the 2nd part of Nuno’s podcast being released? 

Michael A.

I love these!!! However, I bought the 5150 bundle but only have access to the first 6 episodes, how do I get the rest?


You have access to the first six because that's all that's been released thus far. Dweezil had some computer problems in December and has been working on catching up the best he can. So, just chill while the fantastic content keeps rolling.

Dweezil Z.

It's true, the episodes are still in production so only 6 have been released so far. Thanks for your patience and I'm glad you're enjoying the podcast so far. Part 2 of the Nuno Bettencourt episode is shaping up to be a landmark for all things concerning Fair Warning.