Karsten F.

Hello! New member and I'm enjoying the episodes very much. I have a question and I don't see any way to search the forum, so... can anyone tell me how to access the Axe-FX presets referred to in the "marketing" material? Thanks,


Dave C.


How do I get the presets for Kemper and Helix? I purchased the 5150 bundle and I cant seem to locate them.

LOVE this, BTW. Such a fantastic place, with great interviews and insight to the most influential rock guitarist ever. Thank you, Dweezil for bringing these stories and artist perspectives to the world! 

Paul  C.

Hi Guys, how often do new episodes come out? I’ve been stuck on the James Valentine episode for a few weeks now.


Hi Paul,

The next episode is with Joe Satriani and it's still in production. Sorry, it's taking so long, the audio for Joe's voice has issues and the fixes are time-consuming. I'm trying to get it done asap for everyone. Best, DZ

Donn S.

Dweezil, in your interview with James Valentine, you guys make reference to more women/girlfriends liking Van Halen because of love ballads like Love Walks In and When It's Love,which may be true. It was equally true that for Van Halen fans like me who were in our post adolescent years, those songs were as important as all the rockers, cherished parts of a life soundtrack reminding me of my first girlfriend, and several romantic crushes. Those times when I was in love for the first time and enjoyed hearing (and also playing on both guitar and keyboard) Van Halen's love songs. 

Myles Matisse

Dweezil, in your interview with Mark Lettieri and the breakdown of the 5150 album, near the end, you talked about unreleased bits that exist and you even played one. Well, that exact so called unreleased bit was used and released on the very first Steve Lukather album called Lukather. It's the first song on the album called TWIST THE KNIFE and it's credited to Eddie Van Halen and Steve Lukather. The credits on it read that Lukather plays the guitar bit you played from Eddie and that Eddie played bass on Lukather's version. It's on YouTube but NOT on streaming as the album was import only. 

Rolf d.

that same riff was later also used by Edward on Dirty Water Dog on VHIII. I believe he even asked Steve's permission for that 

Allen G.

Yep, the main riff was written by Eddie during the recording of 5150 called “I Want Action” on the bootleg of the demos for the album. It was later re-worked probably most effectively as “Stompin’ 8H” for Eddie’s appearance on Saturday Night Live.