Really looking forward to listening to these, the short clip I heard from the first Steve Vai episode sounded great will listen to it all later today.


Hi Simon,

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! I'm working on the 2nd half of the Steve Vai episode now. It will be out this coming Thursday.

Best, DZ

David McCain

Hi Dweezil! Thanks for making this content available!

I just purchased the whole bundle. Will there be an email on the content that becomes available ( for example, the subscription to Premier Guitar, the Line 6 presets, etc. . . )? I haven't seen more info on this so I figured you were still working on the details and thought it best to ask to see how things will happen.

Thanks so much for your output. Just wonderful to hear so far ( I'm listening to the Steve Vai/DZ podcast now as I'm typing this and it's sublime ).  


Hi David,

I'm glad you are enjoying the podcast! Yes, you are correct about working out the details of the presets etc. Regarding the presets they have not been created yet. They will be part of the "Reverse Engineering The Brown Sound" episode which has not been recorded yet. Big plans for that episode! I will have news for all 5150 Bundle members about their Premier Guitar Subscription options this week and you will receive an email. Best, DZ

Einar F.

Man-oh-man, I fit the demographic!!  I'm an EVH nut...I was twelve in 1982 and have been acting hypnotized, by all things VH, ever since.  I have thoughtfully viewed the VH phenomenon, as an outsider, from all sorts of angles and tangents over the years.  I think my most favorite, most unresolved, fascination with him is contained in this thought:  we (the world at large) witnessed, first-hand, the good...the widespread powerful good...that can come from journeying to the center of yourself (introversion) and courageously sharing the results.  What EVH unearthed within himself and shared is astounding.  To me, it's the sound of frenetic enthusiasm.  How fortunate are we to be the beneficiaries?

I am really looking forward to what you endeavor upon!!  It's gonna be GREAT!!
Einar William Freberg


Hi Billy,

I agree, EVH was brilliant in many ways and we are lucky that he found a way to share his talents with all of us.

Buddy Seamus

Wow Dweezil just listened to the first podcast and that was fantastic! The other day someone posted a photo of Eddie Van Halen with Allan Holdsworth from that evening Steve Vai ran into Edward. Ed went on stage that night with THAT purple guitar you guys were just talking about. Stupid question but I gotta ask...I assume that is the inspiration for your Z-era epic tune “Purple Guitar”?


Hi Buddy,

Yep, Purple Guitar definitely took most of its inspiration from that experience. Glad you're enjoying the podcast!

Tucker C.

First ep was so awesome I didn't want it to end. Eagerly anticipating the rest. Thank you for this.


Hi Tucker,

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! We will keep them coming each week!